Me and Wee: 2 months

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2 months

sharky noah

Dear Little N,

Another month under your belt! Good work, little fella! This month was a lot like last month, only with a lot more crying in the daytime. Phew! You are giving me a run for my money. It's that infant fussy stage that is the culprit, I'll bet. You tend to cry and be generally uncomfortable from about 10 am to about 3:00 pm--sometimes for much longer periods (to about 8:00 at night or so). I'm finding out about patience and staying calm...having 2 needy kiddos on top of me all day can drive one nuts. You do seem to like to sleep in your crib in the dark room during the day; you like to sleep every 1.25 hours of wakefulness. If I miss this window you tend to stay awake and yell. You are very easily overstimulated so I have to always keep that in mind!
On the happy side of things, you have been falling asleep by 8:00pm and you don't wake up until your next meal at around 2:30am or so. And then you sleep until about 6:30 or 7 ready to eat again. This is wonderful!! Thanks for that. I think deep down you know that you can't mess with Mama's sleep. It's in your best interest to cry during the day if you are going to be fussy at all. Hee!
In case you are wondering later, you seem to have a very sweet disposition overall. When you aren't in a colicky state, you are so serene and soft. You peer around at everything and seem to just take it all in. When you are amused by something you are examining, you'll make a little raptor-like call to coo at that thing. You'll top it off with a little grin. You have yet to make eye contact and smile very much. It's happened maybe twice to me so far; I'm hoping for more soon! Your smile would launch ships; I'll never tire of it. You seem to reserve your smiles for special affairs and you don't just hand them out like candy. Instead, you seem to have an amused look on your face most of the time while you throw a chuckle out here and there. I'm glad; you look like a cheerful little chap; but perhaps a little bit introverted. We'll have to see! Paige seemed that way too and now she's incredibly outgoing and noisy. I've learned that you can't peg someone's personality into a specific hole. Your Nana says that about me and my personality; I'm sure that is going to be true for you. All I know for sure is I'm so lucky and excited to hold your hand in this journey of yours. I like to look down at your face during your mid-night feeding and think about all the wondrous things you have ahead of you. So many firsts are coming your way. You have no idea how exciting it all is yet. I watch you enjoying your bottle and I wonder if you'll cling to me one day the way I now cling to you. My chest aches with love reserved just for you; it is overwhelming. Growing up is hard work and I'm so glad I get to be here for it and cheer you on. I'm so excited to get to know you more and more each day; each one part of a greater gift that reveals itself slowly over time. You'll never be two months old again. For that I am sad. But I get to witness and share in the very sweetest of your years. How great is that? I thank God every single day for the treasure that is you and the time we have ahead together. How do you suppose that of all the little boys in the universe I got the best one?
I Love you always and forever,

mama and noah


Melissa M said...

I was pregnant with my second child (Tanya) and was so worried about "loving" her just as much as I loved my first(Carly). I couldn't imagine how it happens when you love someone with your whole heart how you can love another child. My mom told me, "That when you have your second child, your love never decreases for your first. Your heart just doubles in size so you can fit the love in!" It was the same with my third as well. It's amazing how big your heart gets when you have children. He is beautiful and you CAN do it with 2 children. It's not going to be easy at first but nothing ever is. Just keep going on the tough days and enjoy the good ones.

alicia said...

LOVE that last pic! your sweater, his face, your sweet kiss! perfect :)


Sapphire said...

Your letters are the BEST. They always melt my heart and put a smile on my face. I love the mix of the highs and the lows, the peaks and valleys. Thank you for sharing your LOVE!

Lor said...

Aw so cute on the last photo!!

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