Me and Wee: Weekending

Friday, April 6, 2012


I hope you all have a happy weekend! We are celebrating Easter and Paige will also be going to her buddy's birthday party. Fun is in the air! As is spring, thank GOD!

I have some thoughts on next week's posts...Paige has just completed her evaluation and transition process readying her for preschool (our local public integrated preschool). She qualified for 4 half-days per week and the summer program to prevent regression in her skills. We're thrilled! So, you'll hear more about that.

Also, I thought I would share my favorite baby products with you...after 2 kiddos I've determined our must-haves. Although, everyone's must-haves are different, aren't they? I'll share nonetheless.

"She must smell MY dog!"
maren and noah


graceandme said...

Happy Easter, love reading your blog x

Lor said...

OMG, those cheeks! How cute!

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