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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Career Dreamin'

painting again

Hi friends!
I'm sorry I've been missing in these parts! The family has been sick with an evil virus and we're just coming back to life. That, and the day-to-day life doing Stay at Home Mom things has been hectic and exhausting. (What else is new, right?)
In truth, lately I've been missing my work life. My creative life. I find myself trolling blogs, pinterest, and Etsy admiring the work of others and how I'd love to get back into making art again. Before I had the kiddos I had a decent business creating wedding invitations and letterpressed goods for clients; as well as letterpressed stationery in my online store. Since I'm staying a home with the kids, I simply do not have any time anymore for a career. At least, not now anyway. After a long day of mothering, I collapse into bed at night exhausted. I just don't have it in me to sit down and commence a second job after the kids have gone to bed. I need a break too!
Child care is very expensive and I wasn't making enough money to cover it. The nature of my work doesn't really allow me to work for 10 minutes and stop...which is also the nature of mothering young children. Working at home without help is out of the question. Add in the challenges of a special-needs child and forget it! I've resolved to wait until my children are in school full-time to pursue a full-time business again.
But, I want to get creative again. I've been thinking about the goals I have for the future and what it is I really want to be doing professionally. My dream? To have an online shop where I sell whimsical art prints, original art, stationery, and other goods from illustrations I create myself.  I want it to be a cohesive brand...a line of recognizable work. I want to make a decent living off making art that people enjoy. To do that, I'd like to spend my nuggets of free time (they DO happen on occasion) on developing my own personal artistic illustrative style. I'm going to experiment with my art and try lots of new things and see what I like best. I have a hundred ideas swimming in my head; and they are desperate to come out. Now, to find the time to do it! That's the challenge for most SAHMs right?  I think my blog here will be a good place to share my progress and hold myself accountable. Perhaps I can share snippets of my work with you? Share what I'm thinking? I'm willing to bet there's lots of other people out there who are also sitting on a dream and wondering when the time will be right. I figure I may as well start now; that way, when the time IS right I can act on it.
I started a painting months and months ago (it's the image I posted above); long before Noah was born. I finally found a few extra minutes today to finish it. It's nothing fancy, but I'm proud I finally created something!  What do you think? I don't know what the future holds, but I do know it feels good to create again. To experience that old familiar excitement in my stomach when I'm making something I like or have an idea I love. There's a rush of energy that comes with it that feeds my soul. It reminds me that I'm a person too.
Feel free to share your dream or wish here! Sometimes putting down into words can help make it come to life.


Lor said...

I love birds and this one is very cute, so I love the painting!

alicia said...

love the painting! finding time is sooo hard. i used to have a business too, but its hard to run with the littles. i still plan one wedding a year, but only if the bride is willing that my kids come along! haha good luck practicing i hope you find the style you are looking for :)

Wild + Wee said...

beautiful + love your dream. i was working full time as a designer with my first, about to do the SAHM with my second & have already started to wonder how I will stay creative. i so look forward to following your journey!

Lynn said...

That is so beautiful! You are very talented! Carving out little niches for YOURSELF is what will help to keep you sane! :)You are doing an amazing job mothering, but you are also YOU! Trying no to lose that sense of self is the hardest balance for us moms.

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