Me and Wee: The Mom Phrase

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Mom Phrase

The other day we were in the car and Paige kept whining about this or that. Waaa waaa waaaaaahh! It was a car trip of decent length and I'd about had it with the fussing and steam was coming out of my ears. She began losing her nut over which damned My Little Pony show was playing in the DVD player (aren't they all the same and equally terrible?) and I snapped out the classic line: "You get what you get and you don't get upset!" Only it came out all crazy and maniacal. And with the thickest New England/Maine accent (that only comes out of me when I'm pissed or talking to old friends) it sounded more like "Ya get whatya GET and yadon't GET UPSET!"
I sat there stunned that I just shouted the most cliche line in the most cliche moment of all time. (P.S...that line never works...the kid ALWAYS gets even more upset. ALWAYS.) Who the hell had I become??!!! The shame only lasted a second and gave way to a kind of proud feeling.

Awwww yeah. I need to make a list of classic Mom lines and see if I can incorporate them all into ONE DAY.  See? This is the dumb crap I think about when I'm alone after the kids go to bed.


Lor said...

These days I keep getting into these Mom phases, like all day. I am pissed all the time! I think I need a vacation without the kids :))!!

Lor said...

I love that you put this post in your "Treasured moments with Wee" :))!!

Unknown said...

Lor, haha! I know...I figured even though I was annoyed, I'll still look back at it fondly. This is the good stuff!

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