Me and Wee: 16 months

Monday, June 3, 2013

16 months

Dear Noah,

I'm sorry I pretty much missed your 16 month post! It's already less than 2 weeks until you are 17 months. Boo. It's been busy around here and I just haven't made the time. sigh.
You know, your 16 month time is pretty much the same as your 15 month time! No real changes have gone on except you've been playing with and idolizing on your sister more and more. I want you two to be good friends and it warms my heart to see you both together.

Today I was rocking you down for your nap and you put your head down on my chest. You were so warm and heavy in your sleep sack while I felt your soft cheek on my skin. I just closed my eyes and listened to you take each steady breath; I could hear the whisper of your baby voice with each one. So sweet. It's the little reminders just like that...I'm so lucky to be a mom. Your Mom.
I love you always and forever,

P.S. Here's a little video of you and your sister making the kind of fun you make during meal times. I couldn't figure out how to rotate the movie/you tube isn't cooperating. But you'll get the gist!

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