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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rustic, edgy, unique art

The Swimmer art print
This is the 8x10 version

The newest art print I have for sale in my Me & Wee etsy shop is quite sentimental to me. I took quite a long time to plan the composition and colors for this painting and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

This is a contemporary mixed-media collage blending my personal love for New England, nature, and nostalgia. (It's specifically gouache paint and pencil) I love studying family history and I often wonder what my own family members were like back in the days gone by. This particular piece is based upon a family "camp" my great-grandfather built at Togus Pond in Augusta, Maine. Generations have gone there to enjoy the cool waters and fun times with their families. The girl in the picture is what I imagine my grandmother to have looked like at age 15 in 1932 at the place I learned to swim as a child and enjoyed many happy times. What was she thinking about? What did she most enjoy? What were her dreams? What was she like as a friend?
My family and I were at this location when she passed away; I was five years old. Perhaps the image is my way of paying tribute to a woman I didn't get to know well way of inserting myself into her history. It's a curiosity I can't help but explore in my artwork these days.

All that aside, this is a piece of art that just looks darn cool filling a little blank nook in your family room, office, kitchen, hallway, or in a child's nursery making a rustic-chic statement.

The Swimmer art print
This is the 5x7 version

You may inquire about an 11x14 version at megan (at)


val said...

It came out really beautifully. If I didn't know, I'd think you mirrored it off of an old photograph.

Unknown said...

Thanks Val!!! I made it all up in my noggin. I guess it was waiting to come out!

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