Me and Wee: 2 Month update

Thursday, March 12, 2015

2 Month update

2 months old

Dear Liam,

You are 2 months old as of yesterday! Where is the time going? I think it's going into your tummy as it is very cute and round. At your checkup we found that you weigh 15 pounds already! And you are 24.5 inches long. Such a big boy. You are wearing 6-month sized onesies and it's just all going too fast. You continue to be so sweet and gentle and you have the most wonderful smiles around. Cuddling with you in our middle of the night rendezvous (your meal) is such a treasure for me. It's quiet and warm and snuggly...just the kind of feeling I want to remember for always. I look in your eyes and all I see is love and possibility.
I love you always and forever my sweet!

 2 months old

"Hey Figaro, (loud whispering voice) That crazy lady keeps lookin' at me and takin' pictures! What's her freakin' deal?"

 Here's a little video vlog for the occasion...

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