Me and Wee: 3, 4, and 5 Months old!

Monday, June 15, 2015

3, 4, and 5 Months old!

Our little bunny! #DMbabies #babyhood 

Dear Liam,

Whoa, I've let waaaaaay too much time pass before updating our family journal! I suppose I could have been much more proactive about it, but I let "life" get in the way. I'm so sorry! It doesn't mean I don't care or love you less. It means I've been a busy Mama...taking care of you kiddos and with my art business. I'm learning I need to prioritize better. Isn't that always the way?
First of all, I have to say this: You are SUCH A DELIGHT! You are so sweet!!! I can already tell you have the sweetest soul, the most jolly little personality ever. Let's see what you've been up to...
At around 4 months you began rolling looked a bit surprised at first but you're so laid back it was all without much fanfare on your part.

Someone is rolling over! Right off the mat! #DMbabies #motherhood #baby #babyhood
Chunk!!! #megancarty #babyhood #DMbabies #fourmonths #baby #mamalife #kidstagram #kidsofinstagram

Now, at five months you have begun sprouting your two little tiny baby front teeth! They haven't fully broken through yet, but you are drooling up a soaky-storm! I just love your cute gummy smile.
Did you know that you smile at us EVERY TIME we come in your room to get you out of bed? You look up at us and reach your little arms up with the biggest gummy grin ever. Nothing melts my heart more. Then, you smile and make happy gurgles every time we look at you. It's so great and so addicting.


 You are not a fussy baby. You play on your play mat, kick, and roll around grabbing at your toys and mouthing them. You smile whenever we come hang out with you and you eat very well. You sleep like a champ and have been sleeping through the night since just before 3 months old. (It helps that you are our third child and we now clearly know what cries to answer and what cries are just you trying to sleep). Being with you is just plain fun and sweetness.

You've started babbling...yesterday you starting saying "ma maaaa" and "ba baaaaa" and I know the floodgates will open soon to all sorts of funny little noises. What a joy to watch you hit new milestones!
It hasn't all been perfect, of course. Last night I was trimming your little nails and clipped your pinky finger. I cried and cried...I felt so awful that I hurt you. There was a lot of blood and the nurse at your doctor's office told us to go over to the emergency room. So, at 8:40 at night I whisked you off to the local community hospital where they simply put a little bandage on and told me to put my sock on your arm so you wouldn't choke on the bandage. Phew! No permanent damage! To be fair to our panic, you'd been bleeding for about an hour and it just wasn't really stopping. But, of course, it stopped on the way there! That's how life is buddy. I'm just glad you are ok and back to your old self this morning. I was in such a panic I had nightmares all night long.  There's nothing worse than hurting your own child; even though it was just an accident. I'm so sorry it happened!

Happy Easter!

 Happy Easter!

He's ready for Easter! #Easter #baby #DMbabies #cuteness #momlife #2months

Your brother and sister have been very doting on you! Noah cuddles you every chance he gets and Paige likes to come over and make silly faces and sounds at you to make you smile. She's experiencing the joy of babies first hand and it's wonderful to watch. Those kids really love you so much. Little Noah even cried for you last night when I hurt your finger. He was worried about you and was sad you were crying and hurt. That was touching to see; although it broke my Mama heart at the same time!
And the last thing I wanted to update you on is how BIG you are! At your last check up you weighed 18 pounds, 4 oz. And I'm sure you weigh more now!!! That was a month ago! You fit snugly into 9-month onesies and the 12 month onesies fit nicely with some room to grow. You are huge! The doctor guesses you will be 6 ft. 3" one day. Just like Daddy. Everyone thinks you are older than you are. But everyone agrees that you are one cute baby. Even the E.R. doctor said so last night, so it must be true! Ha!

Babies are fun! #DMbabies #cutie #kidstagram #mamalife #motherhood #motherhoodrising

 I want you to know I love you so very much. You are such a TREASURE and a JOY and I just can't get enough of you. Your drooly kisses, your big smiles, and your little chuckles all make life worth living. It truly is the little things that make life special. These are all the good times and I feel so lucky every day. Not a moment goes by where I don't know how blessed I am at every turn.
Liam, God is so great. Even in the hardest and darkest times, I lean on God and I know he is leading the way toward greener pastures. The key is to trust it and know it. When I look back to all my hard times, I see now that they were necessary to get to where I really wanted and prayed to go. God listens to your prayers and sometimes you go through messy things in order for things to become great. Trust in that messy time knowing it is a tunnel leading you to wonderful things.
I love you so much little peanut. You are our sun, moon and stars. You are our greatest adventure.
I love you always and forever,

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