Me and Wee: NEW Stylish Nautical Seascape Paintings by Megan Carty

Monday, December 7, 2015

NEW Stylish Nautical Seascape Paintings by Megan Carty

I haven't updated here in so long! I've been so busy mothering 3 kids and working on my fine art full time. It's been CRAZY!!! An update on the family is long overdue. Time is so slim these days. As in, I never shower kind of slim. sigh! I've been working hard for good reason...
I just finished a line of coastal paintings and a new website design over at These coastal pieces are so unique; they aren't your boring everyday seascape...they use vibrant color in an abstract way yet show boats or other bits in the foreground with more realistic detail in comparison. They are my version of a fun, stylish, modern, and colorful take on a very traditional subject. I LOVE these for a nursery or office or powder room. I'm excited to see how this body of work expands as I am currently working on huge pieces that are perfect for "over the couch" or in the dining room.

You can follow me on Instagram: @megan_carty_art to see my process and pieces as I go.

Or, you can head over to Megan Carty Art and sign up for my newsletter there; you'll get a free printable download of a coastal piece and you'll be updated monthly on new work, deals, and freebies. Awww, yeah!

You'll get THIS piece as a 5x7 download to print:

And here are some other examples:

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