Me and Wee: 32 Weeks

Monday, March 9, 2009

32 Weeks

Hi friends!
Today marks 32 weeks for us, and I celebrated by having my first non-stress test today. The procedure seems pretty simple where I go into Labor & Delivery and they put me in a room. They use these belts to strap on my belly and we listen to the baby's heartbeat and match it against any movement or contractions. I guess the time to do this goes anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour. I had some apple juice while I lounged on the bed and watched TV that I didn't pay much attention to because I liked hearing Little P's heartbeat for so long. But it's scary when it starts to slow down (normal) and then speed way up. It took some getting used to. After some time, they sent me on my way (after peeing in a cup for them per usual!) Sidenote: I've gotten so good at peeing in cups. I guess practice makes perfect. Maybe by next winter I'll be able write my name in the snow.
The interesting tidbit from today: I go in for this test twice per week EVERY week. Not every 2 weeks. I go every week now until she's born, and this replaces most all future doctor appointments since I'll be so closely monitored. So, I'm pretty much done with the visits to my OB's office and all will take place at Labor & Delivery (luckily all my doctors are on call there at some point or another so it doesn't really make a difference). The other tidbit is that the doctor I spoke with today said they were "worried for now" but are being proactive and feel good about things. He said they currently look great. He said they will be less worried when I get to 34-35 weeks or so. So that's only 2-3 more weeks. The impression I got is they are mostly worried about the 2 vessel cord but also have some worry about my going into preterm labor because of the T-shaped uterus issue. Once I hit 34 weeks I'm in a much better position to have a healthy baby if preterm labor happens. But, they deal with this sort of thing all the time. It's unsettling, yes, but I also know there is nothing I can really do except rest and take it easy. Things will be just fine. Right?


Stephanie said...

I just had my own little scare that caused me to have some time in L&D with the fun doppler belts (or whatever they're called). Turned out to be nothing but sharp round ligament pain. Well, I hope everything continues to go well with your Little P and that she can stay cozy in there for at least a few more weeks.

Mindy said...

Stop worrying. Everything is going to be great! You will have your beatiful Little P here before you know it. Just try to breathe and relax till then. And sleep sleep sleep. :o)

Chere Amie said...

Things are absolutely going to be alright! All you have to do is rest, take care of yourself and let yourself be pampered! I'm so excited for you :)

Lor said...

I have read yesterday about your fertility issues, and I am so happy for you about little P. I have a 7 months old little girl and it is so much happiness! I wish you all the best. (And YES, the heart thing is scary).

alicia said...

good attitude! there is nothing you can do but rest, so that sounds like a good plan!

empty george said...

I found your beautiful nursery on Flickr, then read your great blog, then realized that I had already been an admirer of your work on Etsy.

I really liked reading your blog (and I am going crazy over your nursery!). I am 26 weeks preggers, will be turning 30 this year and have a card shop on Etsy. Wow, that is alot in common!

Anyway, I wish you all the best with your little one and your creative pursuits!


...AND, I totally hear you on the belly sitting on the thighs thing. Holy cow!

jora said...

YES, everything is going to be great. I don't know you (obviously) but I just have a good feeling about you guys. :) I've been loving checking in on wee's progress, by the way!

Cassie said...

I had to go in for NSTs every week for high-risk preg issues, too. I found them strangely comforting.

I went into labor one morning around 5am and had a 9am NST appointment already. I calmly went in, got strapped and contractions were confirmed. They checked my dilation - 4-5 in! By this time, the contractions were starting to hurt, but were still tolerable. My husband and I drove across the street to the hospital and had the baby that evening.

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