Me and Wee: The Rug

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Rug

Shag in Nursery

Hi friends!

Well, we finally got an area rug in the nursery. I'd mentioned a while ago while we were planning the room that we were going to use this rug.

Well, after being back-ordered for several months it finally came in. (You can get it here.)
It was gorgeous in person, but it was very thin. I wouldn't call it a rug. I'd call it a mat. Or a tapestry. I'd pictured it to be more thick like a carpet-type of thing. So, I was concerned about the constant slipping and sliding that would happen on it even with a rug pad. I don't want to trip on it while holding Little P, that's for sure! My other issue: it had too much going on. The colors in the rug are all used in the nursery, so it matched. But it was just TOO MUCH. Once in the room my eye had no idea where to look because there were patterns all over the place. I'm a believer that a room should have one major focal point (and maybe 2 if they work together) but no more than that. If the room were simpler in color and pattern, it would have allowed for the rug to be a hero and it would have worked. Anyway, we sadly returned it to the store and we picked up THIS 3 x 5 foot shag rug at Crate and Barrel. It was my original plan to use a white shag rug way back when I started the whole process of planning, so I didn't have to get used to the idea. I'm thrilled with how it looks in the space and how it feels on the feet! Even with a rug pad below it was cheaper than the other rug. I now feel the room is as ready as it will ever be for Little P. Even Maren the Wonder Dog is a fan...she sinks in so deep when she's walking on it...right up to her belly. My feet disappear into it. I'd never do a rug bigger than the 3 x 5 foot in a shag; it's a lot of lint and it's such a particular look. So there ends the thrilling tale of the rug saga. I have to find some other small silly thing to obsess over now. Happy Tuesday!

A shag rug
Nursery with Shag


Anonymous said...

I totally get the obsessing over the nursery part; after multiple miscarriages, the nursery takes on a huge symbolism. I love what you have done with it.

One small thing, from experience: beside the rocker you might want to get a basket to put burp rags/bibs in, and a small table to place bottles on (even if you breast feed you might still pump and let Dad do bottles for night feedings, and it's nice to have a place to put them while you burp P.)

So relieved you've made it to 30 weeks! Do you mind if I link your story to the t-shaped ute blog? I think it helps other women to see happy stories.


Unknown said...

Hey Soper! You sure can link to the T-shaper blog! I always went on there to see if I could find a happy tale. :)
Thanks for the advice! We have been keeping our eyes peeled for little tables for just such things (and also to put the baby monitor by the crib). I have a few ideas in mind, so we shall see! I'm reserving the lowest righthand basket in the bookcase thingie for the burpcloths. Of course, I don't have any yet. HA!

Bea said...

Hey Megan,
I'm bothering you again because I'm seriously in love with your nursery. Where did you get the adorable owl print that's between your windows?

Thanks and I look forward to getting the news that Little P is here!

Unknown said...

Hi Bea!
My husband gave me that for Christmas. He got it at Anthropologie. It's a print put onto canvas. It's by Petite Collage.
You can check out that print and others at this link:

Mindy said...

I am so Happy for you guys. The Nursery is so Beautiful. I am 10 weeks pregnant after a miscarriage. All is going well so far! Thanks for giving me inspiration and hope!


Chere Amie said...

It's absolutely perfect! I can just about imagine how it feels on your feet!

Bea said...


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the clothing at Gymboree with the Little Peas on it? I just got the onsie and thought of you b/c of your baby's nickname:

Stephanie said...

Hey Megan,

Just admiring those cute valances again. I think you mentioned you got them at Wal-mart online? I tried looking for them, but maybe they don't make them anymore. Plus, we have double-wide windows, so it might be a moot point anyway.

alicia said...

wow it looks totally awesome!! good choice!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your nursery. (I found it on Where did you find the elephant hamper? I think it's a hamper anyway. It is sooo cute.

I've also enjoyed reading your blog, I feel like a snoop, but I'm glad (that feels like a badly placed word) to find another woman that also has a 2 vessel cord baby. I hope all continues to go well for you and Little P.

Unknown said...

Hi Anonymous!
Thanks for your kind words! And thanks for reading! I share my stories and tidbits in hopes that others may find comfort if they are going through something similar. That way, we all feel supported. :)
Here's the hamper info:

I got it here:

I got it in the medium size in the honey color.

Anonymous said...

Hi! SUCH a cute nursery! I'd love to know where you go the valances...Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan, Love your nursery (like everyone else!). I was wondering what your opinion was on the Ikea dresser you got? I'm having a hard time finding a dresser I like that doesn't require assembly (bad experience with an Ikea nightstand), but I keep seeing the dresser you have all over the place . . . what's your opinion of the quality of the wood / how long it will last with frequent use? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi Erin!
Thanks for your comment! I don't have much of an opinion yet since Little P. isn't yet here and it hasn't been used much. BUT, I can say that since it was around 150 bucks or so, it was a great deal. The quality isn't fabulous (some of the drawer-fronts were chipped at the edge...but didn't matter since I was covering them anyway). The back is a thin fiberboard (but was good because we drilled holes for a stereo we have hidden in the top feed the cords through the back). But again, for the money, I can't expect a lot. I know the white will discolor over time to probably be a bit yellow-ish. That being said, the drawers glide nicely and they are easy to open and shut. They are also roomy inside and will fit a lot of stuff. I also think it's nice I don't have to worry about it getting banged up over the next few years...especially if she decides to color on it or get rough with it. I can always spend money on a good one in the future when she's older and won't deface it. :) I think it's a great value, looks good, and is easy on the pocket. And you can guilt-lessly paint it or decoupage it or whatever to make it your own. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great Ikea dresser feedback, Megan! I'm having such fun picking out accessories for the nursery, but the big things like dressers are not nearly as fun as the little prints and nightlights - ha!

Unknown said...

Hi Megan,
I was just wondering what paint color you used for your nursery. I love it~


Unknown said...

Hi Kristen,
The paint color is from Benjamin Moore and it's #618 called "Robin's Nest."

beachy in the burbs said...

Hi there! I'm almost 17 weeks along now and am so excited to have discovered your blog. I adore your nursery and love seeing all the updated belly pic's! Mine just started to pop. Hope you can keep comfortable over the last stretch! :)

Unknown said...

I just wanted to same I am MADLY in love with this nursery.
If you wouldn't mind sharing the lamp shade sources?
You have a wonderful eye. Your blog is very charming.

Jessica Wright said...

Seriously gorgeous, you should enter this contest:
Your nursery is BEAUTIFUL!

Liz Martin said...

I love your baby bedding. Exactly what I am looking for. Did you have it made if so where did you find the fabric? I am having a hard time finding the right yellow and white. TIA!

Texas Story Girl said...

I love your nursery, as does everyone :) I was wondering where you got that bedding or if it was custom made for you. Its beautiful.


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