Me and Wee: Fooled youuuu!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fooled youuuu!

Paige slept in her usual 2 hour stretches last night. Oh well! The little shnug will get there though! Once she gets a little older and can get away without that extra feeding we will be in business. At least her napping has improved! Hooray! We've also settled on the Level 3 nipple (we are using Dr. Brown's line of bottles). We'd rather her eat fast than to get nothing at all. I just make her take breaks between each ounce and she seems to do just fine. Thanks for the advice! I got lots of emails on that one. The level 2 nipple was just too small and the level 3 just too big. But the holes practically look the same! It's amazing what a difference they are. Anyway, we are happy with the good naps and the fact that she sleeps well in her 2 hour stretches! In celebration, here is her smile.


From the Kitchen said...

So adorable, that smile. I had the feeding "problem" with my oldest. Then the pediatrician told me to give him the bottle, let him drain it and sit him up, rub his back and that was it. It worked perfectly. No taking an ounce and burping. When I did that, he just vomited over and over! I never put a nightlight in either child's room. Seems I was ahead of my time now that research has shown sleeping with any light in a room is not healthy at any age.

fishbaby said...

So cute! She looks a lot like you!

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