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Friday, June 19, 2009


We can all learn from this. And, as grateful as I feel every day, sometimes I'm annoyed at 2:30 in the morning with waking up and tending to Paige's meals. But when I catch myself frowning, I think of this child(I've seen this several times in the past) and it sets me straight. It's worth the time to watch and listen. May it help you see the joy in EVERY moment as well. Enjoy your weekend!

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Unknown said...

I originally started following your blog because of the beautiful nursery you created for your daughter. I am also a graphic designer so I enjoyed seeing your letterpress designs. I am so happy for you and your family for the blessing you have in little Paige.

This video was so touching to me in a personal way. My daughter was born last August 19 and lived for 31 hours and died on August 20. I love her so much. It is amazing that the family was able to put together that loving tribute to their son. I am so sad for them, but jealous that they had 99 days of beating the odds. My daughter was the opposite in a way...she was the worst case scenaro. No one knew she would die (she had ARPKD) because many children live with this disease. It was shocking to us when she died. She looked healthy and beautiful and no one would have known she was sick if not for the tubes in her body while in the NICU.

I miss her with my whole being.

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