Me and Wee: Happy Birthday Megan (from Chris)!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Megan (from Chris)!

Well I snuck onto Megan's computer while she's upstairs sleeping in preparation for whatever time Paige gets up for her night feeding and happily I was able to get into her blog. I just wanted to send her some birthday wishes and let you all know how proud I am of her. She's been doing such an amazing job since Paige arrived. She's always been a fan of sleeping and suffice it to say her ten hour sleep sessions haven't happened for some time. Although I try to give her some break by taking the first half of the night feedings she has so much love for our daughter she unfortunately spends the bulk of that time awake thinking of her. And when I make it into bed and her shift begins she wakes up and truly believes she's been holding her all night and freaks out wondering where she went. But out of everything, the sleep is the least that Megan has sacrificed for such a great daughter.

Megan's last birthday was a tough one as we were just informed that we were losing our fourth pregnancy. We took a trip out to Rockport, MA and the beautiful scenery could only do so much to keep us from our fear of what was to come and if we would ever get to meet Paige. Well, I took the day off of work and we're on our way back with our sweet girl to show Rockport what true beauty is.

Happy Birthday Meg! I love you SO much and am proud of all you've done for our family and can't wait to see how different our lives are once again on your next birthday!

P.S. to the blog readers: please feel free to send Megan your birthday wishes and let her know if she has helped you as she has intended with her blog. Her true reason for writing this blog has always been to let others who may be going through what we did on this road to parenthood that there is always hope. I can say that I pray daily for everyone who is having trouble achieving their dream of a child that it happens for them soon and I know Megan does too.

P.P.S while we're on the subject of birthdays and Megan's blog I have to tell you the story of when she first told me about her blog. It was my birthday and we were on our way out to dinner after I had just set up my new Wii and had a blast playing the first few games (FYI Megan's nail patella syndrome has her genetically engineered for Wii bowling). In the car ride she started off saying that she really wanted to start a new blog besides her craft blog and call it "Me and Wee." I looked at her and said, "Are you freaking serious? And you say I'm competitive! One beat down in Wii bowling and you need to start a whole flipping blog?" I was a bit embarassed when I realized it was the Wee one growing inside her that she was referring to.

P.P.P.S Since I got off track Happy Birthday again Meg!


Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

That was the sweetest blog post - Happy Birthday Megan!

As a new mom myself, I like reading your blog and knowing that someone else can relate to what I'm going through. Thanks for sharing your journey with your readers.

And as a new mom, I know I can only be a good mom with a supportive, loving husband beside me. It sounds like you have just the same in Chris.

Mrs. Shelton said...

Happy Birthday to you! Won't it be so much more special with your sweet little girl! I enjoy reading your blog very much as I think our little girls are so similar. They seem ot have a lot of the same traits! Hope you enjoy your day!

Poppy Letterpress said...

Happy Birthday Megan!

I remember the post from this time last year. As with many of your posts then, I was in tears as I read it.

It gave me SO SO SO much joy to read that Paige arrived, it's hard to believe that I've never even met you!

I really loved reading about your pregnancy with your Little P, our bubs are only a few weeks apart so I knew the typical difficulties of pregnancy that you would've been going through, and to think of all the fear and worry you had on top of that - you're truly a strong woman. Well done, and a big happy birthday!

Adel said...

Great post Chris! Happy birthday Megan. I am so happy that this year you have the greatest gift possible.

Anonymous said...

A Very Happy Birthday wish from the Maine Nana and Grampa!
Amazing hack job there son!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!

Carol said...

Megan! Your baby, Paige is gorgeous!!! I came upon your blog by accident, but was amazed to find a reference to Nail Patella Syndrome! I also have Nail Patella Syndrome and I run a discussion/support group for people who have it on Yahoo groups. It is a great bunch of 750+ people from all over the world. In the group, we all feel comfortable asking questions, voicing our concerns, and often just chatting about our unique NPS characteristics and experiences. We have all learned a lot from sharing info with each other. If you think you'd be interested in joining, check out the group (URL below my name at bottom) or email me at and I'll get you set up in the group. I look forward to hearing more from you soon. PS: Does Paige also have NPS?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. Sweetest post ever. What an amazing husband. And Chris, I'm sure you have no idea how much she appreciates you doing this!!

And the blog story? Too funny!

Happy Birthday Megan!!!

Stephanie said...

Joyeux Anniversaire! Since your birthday is on Bastille Day, and I'm half French, I couldn't help sending you birthday wishes in my (basically) native language. I hope you enjoy your day with your sweet P and your adoring husband. I've truly enjoyed reading your blog and appreciate the courage you have to write so candidly. And as your little one has a good 7 weeks on mine, I've enjoyed reading your adventures on parenthood. :)

Kate A said...

Happy Birthday, Megan!

How lucky you are to have a thoughtful husband and new baby to celebrate with today!

I've been a silent reader for months now - first found your blog through your beautiful nursery. I'm pregnant with our first baby (a girl, too!). Your struggles, and the bravery it took to not only overcome them but share them honestly and openly, has given me perspective and made me thankful for each second pregnant. Your strength and tenacity is inspirational - have a wonderful birthday!

Unknown said...

awww, so cute!!! I'm not a mom yet, but it's really interesting reading your stories and hearing the honest truth about what it's like to be pregnant, go through labour and have a newborn. Happy Birthday Megan!

The Nichols said...

Megan - Happy Birthday! As someone having fertility issues (including a misshapen uterus), it is so reassuring to read your blog. In a real way, it has given us hope. Thank you!

Talita said...

Happy Birthday Megan!!
Best wishes, health, love, joy!!
Your story is pure inspiration!

I love reading your blog. It made me stronger to keep trying to have a baby.
I've had two losses last year. On my last birthday, I conceived my second loss. I hope to have great news on my next one just like you!

Paige is so sweet!

Great post Chris! She is luck to have you!

Allyson said...

So wonderful to hear that this birthday was so much happier than last. A happy happy to you Megan!

good thoughts said...

happy be-lated birthday old friend! i hope your day was truly wonderful!
(sorry im a bit late, we been suffering from internet problems! ack!)

alicia said...

ahh so cute!

happy b-day sweetie! you have an amazing hubby!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! What a great post and what a great blog. I just had a baby boy in April, so it's great to see someone going through so many of the same things. It must be a very special birthday for you this year!
I also have a blog on pregnancy and parenthood in order to possibly help others going through the same as me (I'm an expat in Brussels, Belgium). If you feel like having a look:
Happy birthday again!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Megan!

I have been reading your blog for a few months now. I have found it comforting relating to your pregnancy and baby stories. My little girl was born on May 21st! I was diagnosed with Post Partum Depression two weeks ago. I struggled with feelings of depression for 5 years and thought that those days were behind me. Thanks so much for writing about that particular struggle. It is so hard to feel that way when you are trying to enjoy your beautiful bundle.

Take care. I wish you and Chris and the lovely Paige all the best.

-Megan in Seattle

Joy said...

Happy Birthday, Megan! Since Paige was born several weeks before Hannah, Ialways enjoy reading your blog to see what we might next be looking forward to! Thanks for sharing your lives with us, Megan and Paige!

Jessie said...

YAY for Birthdays!!!!

Im new to your blog, and first I must say, I just saw your nursery on Ohdeedoh. I about died when I saw it! It is hands down one of the cutest I have ever seen!!

Do you mind sharing the color of paint that you chose?

carichad said...


A very happy belated birthday to you. Thank you for sharing your family stories with us! My daughter was born May 1st and reading your blog helps me through the week! Hope you are well.

Heather said...

This was so sweet! What a great husband and dad!

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