Me and Wee: 4 Months!

Friday, August 28, 2009

4 Months!

4 months!
Dear Little P,
You are 4 months old today! Can you believe it? I certainly can't. I was looking at your newborn pictures the other day and cannot get over how different you look and act. Time is going by too fast! I was crying a few nights ago...just overwhelmed with love for you, and I said to Daddy "time is going by too fast! We wanted Paige for so long and there was so much build-up to her arrival! Now that she is here, it's going by way too fast!" I sobbed and sobbed when I put all your newborn and 0-3 month clothes away in the plastic bin. Each little dress and outfit a treasure and symbol for the start of your life. I know, I'm such a sap. I wish I could keep you my little baby shnook forever. But, you are growing day by day and I'm just so proud (even if I may seem sad). Each day there is something new and exciting you figure out, from rolling over (at almost 15 weeks) to using your little hands to grasp and move toys. You now roll all around your playmat like a pro (belly to back and back to belly), and you've taught yourself to move like an inchworm on your belly across it to get from one side to the other. Can't leave you laying around anymore while I leave the room!
In other news, you had your first vacation, which went great! You enjoyed all the sites and sounds by the ocean of Maine where Mommy has spent a lot of time and grew up near. You had a hard time the week after much excitement was had and I think you had a hard time winding down to nap during that week. In fact, your naps are practically non-existent right now. Short little bursts, they are. But, you've been sleeping from around 6:30 to an average of 4:15 each morning where you have a meal and then it's off to bed until 7:00. We are so happy now that sleep is back! At least for now anyway. In day-to-day news we've spent a lot of time each day going for little walks on our street...just seeing the sites of all the wonderful flowers, trees, and bushes in the neighborhood. We've spent some time on the weekends with Daddy at the pond. Isn't it so relaxing there? You like to splash your feet in the water. The rest of the time is spent on your playmat or on your new Jumperoo. You love this thing! You bounce all around in it and are fascinated with all the little toys and lights on it. It's so fun to see you so gleeful! Speaking of gleeful, you had a great visit recently with Nana and Grandpa Cassidy. You were so full of smiles and giggles; I guess you love being the center of attention! You always love to see them when they visit and you bring a lot of sunshine into their lives too. I can say for sure that you are my sunshine too! I want to tell you that I have enjoyed every single moment I've been blessed by you. Every look, every smile, every cry, every breath, every shriek and sigh have all brought so much joy and love in my heart. I will keep on trying to be the best Mama ever for deserve the world. Keep on being "you" and I love you always!

Love always and forever,

at the pond
At the Pond

Peapod Tent
Enjoying the shade in your Peapod

In the middle of your first roll from belly to back!

So proud and surprised after your first roll from your belly to your back!

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