Me and Wee: 9 Months!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

9 Months!





Dear Little P,

You've now been outside of my belly longer than you were in. Congrats! You've come a long way from that little tiny microscopic cell you started out as. What a month you've had! Aside from crawling around at the speed of light, you are finally S-L-O-W-L-Y taking on more solid foods. You've been pretty adverse to the whole thing and you're finally opening up to the whole idea. Just today you had some canned mandarin orange pieces, cottage cheese, AND some bits of chicken. Usually you spit everything right out but you finally gummed it all up and down the hatch it went! I was getting worried.
On another note, you also went on your first trip on the airplane to Aruba. Weee! You did great. There, you enjoyed the pools, the lazy river, the ocean and the sand. You were the picture of politeness during our dinners out (I know that won't last forever, so we enjoyed it while we could). You also got to bond with your Grandma and Grampa Carty there as they got to know you better. They love you very much, I wish you could understand how much fun they had with you in the lazy river. It was such a special time. I just loved seeing you so happy in the warm sun...I've never seen you smile and laugh so much. I guess you're like me in that you love the warmer weather. I love seeing you so bright-eyed and gleeful; each smile is a huge gift. I just want to put them all in my pocket...but I guess there would be too many and I wouldn't be able to move around, huh? You've also just started sprouting one of your upper teeth...the center left one. It hasn't been fun for you; but you've been a trooper. Today you had your 9 month doctor checkup and you measured a crazy-tall 29.25 inches and you weighed 20lbs 8oz. Dr. Larry suggested that you drop one of your bottles during the day (you get 5, so now you'll get 4 in 24 hours) and increase your solids. Thank God you're finally coming around to the whole solids thing. You're fine with ultra-pureed stuff, but you were dead against any REAL pieces of food. When you get hungry, I'm supposed to give you solids now and the bottles are to become more of a secondary meal/snack AFTER your solids. I think cooking for you is going to really inspire me in the kitchen and I'll do more cooking for your Dad and me. We'll see, I guess! Your Dad is the chef of the house, so I know it will be a treat for him if I make a meal or two. :)
I'm rambling now, so I'll close this soon and say WOW, I CAN'T believe you're already 9 months old. Whoosh! The hands of time really whirl around! I'm so lucky to be your Mom. It's such an honor to witness all of your special milestones and smiles...I can't stand the thought of missing any. I stare at you all day just in awe of you and how special you are. You are an angel who picked us to be your parents and we work hard to show how appreciative and lucky we are for this fact. One day, when I'm making you clean your room or punishing you for some infraction or other I hope you'll remember that I always feel lucky you are my daughter and that I always love you more to infinity.
Love you always and forever,


Anonymous said...

An aversion to chewing and solid foods. Hmmmm! Could be genetic you know. I believe you have been accused of being a bird or at least eating like one for a large part of your life. :^)

A little birdie didn't tell me, I just happen to know!

Kelly said...

Such a beautiful little girl you have! I so enjoy reading your posts! What a great gift you are giving your daughter...all of these wonderful memories written down for her to enjoy one day! :)

val said...

What a doll! So adorable :)

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