Me and Wee: 20 months

Sunday, January 2, 2011

20 months






My dearest Paige,

This letter is a little late this month; we've been away celebrating the holidays. We were at Nana and Grampa's house in Maine for Christmas, then we went to Grammy and Rico's house in Connecticut. Our final stop was to the Carty family house in Vermont to celebrate New Year's with lots of friends. Phew! Now we are home and you are finally adjusting to your old routine (after lots of screaming sleepless nights). You are 20 months old now; out of the teens and drawing nearer to turning 2. I can hardly believe it. We've been so lucky to witness how sweet you gentle and easy-going. You are also a bit shy and seem to open up only when someone is outgoing with you first. I think you are best-friends with anyone willing to dangle you upside-down and twirl you all over the place. You seem to love being look back with a sly grin as you begin to run. How can we NOT chase you after you make such a cute face? But you do cute things a lot, as toddlers do, and today was no exception. You did a little dance to the song "Superfreak" as you looked at your new dress-up jewelry in the mirror. Daddy got that one on video that I hope to post soon. I hope you don't mind; it's too cute not to share. It was so wonderful to share the holidays with you. Your Daddy and I stared at our stockings all in a row on the mantle and we both got very teary. We felt so lucky as we hugged and looked at them...his, yours, and mine. I'd never realized I'd been waiting for that moment all of my life. To have a little stocking for Santa to fill next to ours. Yours. It was a surreal and unbelievable moment for both of us...a reminder of how grateful we are for you and how lucky we are. Wonderful things are in store for you in the year ahead; I wish I could express here how excited I am about them all. I love you my little peanut. There is only one special You. Full of wonder, love and life. A million hugs and kisses wouldn't be enough to show you, but I'll tell you again that I love you forever and always.







Lor said...

Oh, oh, it looks like Paige and Violette got the same kitchen from Santa Claus... She loves it! I found the doors too hard to open for her so I stuck several stickers on each of the magnets there and now it is perfect. She loves to use the microwaves and does the sound when it's "ready".
I hope Paige has fun with it too!

Lindsay said...

I smiled here in my office cube at the second photo down - Paige in her bean bucket with the necklaces, pout and little curl on her forehead. She is such a beauty! My husband says sometimes I make that pout (*cringe*) - watch out, boys!

Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh! She's a kid (not a baby anymore!)!

Home Sweet Home Place said...

She literally turned into a kid overnight! Darling! Happy New Year!

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