Me and Wee: Noah's Nautical Nest

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Noah's Nautical Nest

Hi friends!
We finally finished up with Noah's nursery! Without further ado, here it is!


My goal in the room design was to have the space feel bright, cheerful, happy, warm, boyish and welcoming. I decided to go with a nautical theme this time; whereas the original nursery didn't have a set theme. I wrestled with the idea for a while because I didn't want the space to feel unoriginal or boring. So, I decided on the green and orange color palette to go with the Robin's Egg blue walls (that we kept from sister Paige's original room). I also decided to go with a more preppy look for the space; again trying to avoid obvious solutions. My original idea was to do lime green and navy blue together, but the navy just seemed so dark and moody. Thus, the orange came into play.


The first item I decided on was the roman shades. I chose a sort of preppy yachting stripe but in a lime green. I ordered the fabric and had them made byWindows by Melissa; The rest of the room design evolved around those shades; since they are a focal point. I then chose the rust-orange striped rug to contrast the shades. I knew the patterns were very strong so I decided to go with solid colors for the crib, changing pad, and glider.


Lastly, we chose the accessories that went on the walls to give it the nautical and preppy touches. Chris caught the Dolphin fish hanging over the crib in Bermuda 24 years ago. It's been hanging in his parents' house in his original bedroom so we reclaimed it and put it here. Don't worry, it's secured very tightly and expertly! We then found buoys, a life preserver, a ship steering wheel and a cool seagull hand-screenprinted poster by Wayne Pate. The green whale decal completes the look. I tried to keep the accessories to the orange and green theme where possible. To add interest between the windows, I found some white wooden letters for Noah's initials at the craft store. I spray painted them with a glossy pumpkin orange color. I suppose they add a preppy factor to the space? I'm not very preppy so it's hard to say!


I needed a nightlight of some sort and I remembered my parents had a light-up globe for us kids while growing up. Luckily, they still had it stored away! It was just what I needed to fill the space in the corner under the whale to add some interest. At night, it adds a low peaceful glow. Perfect for feedings and diaper changes without being too bright!


I thought there was a lot of white going on in the space. I wanted to add a more nautical dark wood color here and there…evoking an old fashioned ship. The steering wheel was a start. So I added a dark basket hamper and found a matching magazine holder to use a trash can. The lamp and dark wooden base once belonged to Chris' beloved grandmother. I added a new shade and lined it with some green ribbon decorative tape (for interest).


The rocker/glider decision was tough. I wanted lime green. But most places didn't have one that was affordable to us. But I didn't want a neutral color like most chairs come in. So, we went with orange in an affordable style. I was disappointed to find, when the chair finally arrived, that the white piping it was supposed to have was also orange. Oh well. I didn't want to send it back and wait another 2 months for it to be fixed so we're living with a solid orange chair. No biggie, I suppose. Sigh. The white piping would have added that preppy edge I wanted. Hmph. I added a lime green pillow to break up all that orange. It's a comfy spot for feeding, reading and snuggling and that's what I care about most after all.



So, that's the grand tour! I hope you like it! I love being in there. That middle-of-the-night feeding isn't so bad when I have such a cheerful and cozy space to look at.



Here's a photo of Paige's nursery before everything moved to HER new room so you can compare the 2 different rooms:


Sources are below:
Wall color: #618 Benjamin Moore "Robin's Nest" (we painted in 2008, so I don't know if it's part of their program now?)
Crib: Oeuf (we got it as a gift from my in-laws when our first little one was born)
Dresser: IKEA Malm Dresser (we covered the drawers in a natural seagrass wallpaper I scoured online for. Can't remember the source for the wallpaper now though! sorry)
Bookcase unit: IKEA Expedit
Glider: Buy Buy Baby
Roman Shades: Windows by Melissa, custom creation (she was great to work with!)
Striped Rug: Rosenberry Rooms
Changing Pad cover: Buy Buy BabyCrib Bedding: Carousel Designs (they make custom crib bedding and you can choose any combinations of things! Love the website and the swatch came within 2 days!)
Toys in Crib: Both the Fox (the large version) and the Monkey rattle came from Bla Bla.
Willow Hamper and Magazine Holder: Pier One
Light up Globe: Storage at my parents' house. It's from my childhood, so all kinds of countries are on there that don't exist anymore. U.S.S.R?
Whale Decal: Little Lion StudioLife Preserver: Nautical Decor Store
Ship Steering Wheel: Nautical Decor Store
Dolphin Fish: Chris caught this Dolphin fish in Bermuda 24 years ago now
Seagull Screenprinted Poster: by Wayne PateBuoys hanging in corner: Nautical Decor Store
Wooden Initials on Wall: Michael's Crafts
Lamp: Family heirloom, shade is from the craft store and the ribbon tape is by the Martha Stewart line at Michael's crafts
Toys on Bookcase: Blue knitted bird rattle: Bla Bla, Little green car and little red fox pull toy: Grasshopper store


Julia said...

I love it! The colors are bright, happy and cheerful! Love the Nautical theme! Perfect for a little boy. Great job!

Lor said...

Wow, I really like it. It's beautiful. I especially love the striped blinds and the whale sticker!

Angela said...

I LOVE the revamp! P's nursery is still one of my favs! I HAD to pin N's nursery to Pinterest for my inspiration! :-D


val said...

It came out awesome - The orange and lime work so well!

graceandme said...

Excellent work Mrs C! The only dilemma for me is which nursery I enjoy looking at the most...

EFamily said...

Ok, I just have to give it up to you! You are a ROCK star! I'm so impressed with everything you've accomplished while pregnant and in so much pain you have pulled together an amazing room for a much loved little boy! Pat yourself on the back Mama! Great Job!

cara harjes said...

hi there! i found you in pinterest and love your nurseries! i am looking at that same ikea dresser and i was wondering if you found it tall enough to comfortably double as a changing table with the pad on it. THANKS!

Unknown said...

@cara: Yes! I find it very comfortable to do the changing. I am 5 foot 3 inches tall, as a guide. :) I don't have to hunch at all, nor do i have to stretch too high.

Kim Carney said...

Adorable room! I love the redo!

labyyb said...

Love the bright colours in the Noah room. I wondered if you like to write a blog post on about his room and also allow us permission to add this picture to our gallery.

Unknown said...

I am desperately trying to find out what the name of the baby bedding in this nursery was when the room was yellow accented? This room had an elephant hamper, a yellow glider chair, and yellow/white bedding. I am doing my baby's room based on that nursery! I really want the same exact bedding! Any help is appreciated. :)

Unknown said...

+Hilary LaCombe, Gosh, let's see. That bedding (I'd sold it to someone a long time ago) was called "Macaroni" in the color "Canary" and it was made by Nursery Works. I did this room in 2008 and I got the bedding at the end of its release. I'm so sorry I'm not more help! Perhaps you can find some other kind of patterned crib sheet that is white with yellow art on it? It would give a similar effect? Good luck!!!

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