Me and Wee: Treasured Moment

Monday, January 2, 2012

Treasured Moment

Paige has many obsessions that ebb and flow...a few days on, several weeks off and so forth. Winnie the Pooh is one of those things. A while back we were sitting down to dinner and we tried to tantalize her to eat her chicken nuggets with honey "Just like Winnie the Pooh!" I coaxed. (She was in mid-obsession at that time.) We normally used honey MUSTARD for the nuggets, but we were ALL OUT. (crime!) We DID have plain honey, though, and decided to use Pooh's current celebrity status to our advantage. She seemed to jump on board and took a hearty dunk and bite. Promptly, she made the "face of disgust" like she'd just eaten an old sock out of Chris' gym bag. "You don't like it?" I asked stupidly. "NO!" she chanted. Chris walked toward the kitchen sink and said in his scandalized tone, "You don't like honey? What would Winnie the Pooh say?" Without missing a beat Paige smartly replied: "Ooohhh bother."

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val said...

hahaha!!! Awesome. The obsessions must be pretty great when they line up with things that appeal to you as well, like I can imagine being more excited if my child is intrigued by Fraggle Rock or Winnie the Pooh instead of some new cartoon that I don't get. So yay for Winnie the Pooh!

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