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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Book of the Week

 Hi friends!
Yesterday (Monday) ended up being a good one. There weren't any catastrophes or meltdowns (with me OR the kids). I even got some cleanup and laundry done. It's the little things.
Noah and I spent some time together and he got to do a boatload of crawling around the house trying to eat or destroy everything he could find.
Like Godzilla--only there's no ocean or Mothra or screaming Asians.


He also got to wear his preppy New England style red pants. Nantucket Reds I call them. (I snagged them at Baby Gap) Now, I just need to send him to some local boarding school and he'll fit right in. Kidding! I would never do that. (Although, I'm not counting out fantasizing about it in the future when he's giving me an extra hard time.)

Speaking of New England, our foliage is starting out and it's beautiful so far! Here's the view when I stand in my front door looking forward. Summer is my favorite, but nature like this makes fall a worthy second in my book. hee!

On to today, and I'm ready for another Books for Wee post.


I bought "For Just One Day" by Laura Leuck when I was in Maine recently on a little mini vacation by myself. I saw it was illustrated by my FAVORITE...Marc Boutavant and I knew I had to have it. So, it's really for me. But Paige loves it so I figure I can share for now. If I must.



It's basically about what the narrator would like to be for just one day if he/she could be anything, in terms of animals.  It's got fun rhyming prose which makes it easy for kiddos to predict what will come on the next page. (This helps with pre-reading skills!) Paige asked for this book for a full week and probably more from Chris. The extra bonus is that it's mine to have once she's done with it. It's got gorgeous whimsical illustrations that make me happy. Having kids is perfect for my children's book collecting habit. Win-Win!

I hope you are having a great Tuesday! I'll be back soon with a Stay at Home Mom Style post and some fun little animations I've cobbled. Be well!

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