Me and Wee: A short walk

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A short walk

My almost daily walk to our little village post office takes only about 2 minutes. But it's packed to the brim with the most beautiful sights and sounds. Trees everywhere bursting with blooms, birds of all kinds singing their songs, the soft breeze blowing through the grass. I love this time of year. It's so wonderful to stop and enjoy the blessings around us. Shipping orders to my awesome customers COULD be a chore; but isn't thanks to the loveliness along the way!

My faithful post office travel sidekick:

My neighbor's wonderful tree:




Another neighbor's awesome tree:

The historic farmhouse at the end of my road:

One of the flowers in front of the post office:

The great tree in front of the post office:

The view at the desk while my parcels are weighed:

I hope you enjoyed our virtual journey to the village post!


Home Sweet Home Place said...

Your neighborhood is darling! Quintessential America. Love it!!

Unknown said...

Thanks! I know you're moving soon (congrats!) could always still come east to just outside Boston! :)

Iris said...

Que imagens lindas! Muito lindo seu bairro...

Sempre que possível visito você e sua família pelo seu blog... Mas se não estivesse tão longo (no Brasil), certamente tentaria conhecer esse lugar tão cheio de flores (risos).

Um grande abraço!


P.S. Sinta-se à vontade para fazer-me uma visita. Será muito bem vinda! Você e sua família. :)

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