Me and Wee: Welcome Liam Philip Carty!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Welcome Liam Philip Carty!

We are thrilled and proud to announce the arrival of our third (and last!) precious baby:
Liam Philip Carty
Born on January 11, 2015 at 8:32 pm.
8lb. 12oz, 22.5 inches long

Did I capture a smile? #newborn #meandwee #kidsofinstagram #kidstagram #baby #milestones #smile

Quick facts: Born via C-Section almost 2 hours after we got to the hospital because he was transverse breech (sideways in my belly!) and I was totally dilated and ready to go! Also, it turns out his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times! (I had a feeling). He is cute, he is cuddly, he is a great eater, he's a good sleeper, and he's a good little fella. *sigh*

More details to come!

We all know you really just wanna see here ya go!

Togetherness and 2 days old. #newborn #fatherhood #kidstagram #kidsofinstagram #baby #meandwee

We are home now! Liam's almost a week old. He is dreamy and wonderful! #meandwee #kidstagram #kidsofinstagram  #newborn #baby

Liam bids you good morning! #kidstagram #kidsofinstagram #newborn #baby #meandwee #over

Liams Birth Week

Liams Birth Week

Liams Birth Week

Liams Birth Week

Liams Birth Week

Liams Birth Week Liams Birth Week Liams Birth Week This is right before we put him in his car seat to bring him home from the hospital. He'd just spit up all over his going home outfit, so on went the oversized onesie! I love those little kicks.


Kris Vogelsang said...

Congratulations to all of you! These pictures are beautiful!

val said...

the 'sibling' picture just guts me. so unbelievably precious. Love, love! What a cutie pie!

Sapphire said...

I just love the names of all 3 of your children! I just wish I could remember the spacing of their ages? I imagine you are super busy now days but if you do happen to get a chance I'd love to hear about what your days are like or your schedule is like with 3 kids. I've always wanted to have 3. I only have 1 right now and we trying for number 2 but having problems just like we did with number 1. Really hoping to work through the issues like you guys did! Again you are so inspiring! Much LOVE to you and your family!!

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