Me and Wee: Liam's Birth Story

Monday, February 2, 2015

Liam's Birth Story

Here is my account of Liam's labor and delivery story; born at 39 weeks. I hope you enjoy!

And to answer my longtime reader "Sapphire's" question in my previous post: Paige is going to be 6 in April, Noah has just turned 3 (a post about that to come soon!), and now Liam is here! He was born 3 days before Noah's birthday! Looks like we'll have a busy January from now on! And your idea to do a post/video about our routine with 3 kids is a good one! I'll work on that soon; especially once I HAVE a routine with 3! Ha! We're muddling it out right far so good! And I also will be doing a video about my Mommy Must-Haves, now that I've had 3 kids and a bunch of perspective in hind-sight. See y'all soon!
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Ashley said...

What a great video! It's neat to hear from someone who has gone through both normal birth and c-section. I can't imagine what those few moments after Liam's birth must have been like, but I'm so glad to hear he's okay! (And that you are, too.) I'm curious which you thought was worse, recovery wise- broken (shattered?) tailbone or C-section?

Thanks so much for sharing your experience! (I'm due in May and am so interested in others' experiences- I think it helps to broaden my perspective on what is possible and also calms some of my fears.)

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