Me and Wee: Paige has a wiggly tooth!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Paige has a wiggly tooth!

In recent news, Paige has her first wiggly tooth! It's all she can talk about lately. It's very cute how she's so excited, but I refuse to touch it because that just gives me the willies.
Here's a little interview I recorded with her one morning after the kids got up. I find this video hilarious because Noah refuses to let Paige have her moment in the spotlight. He keeps saying "me too!!!" after everything and keeps trying to take over the interview. He just turned three...he does NOT have a wiggly tooth. He also DOES NOT like pink. Nor does he love unicorns. But he has to copy his sister however he can. Paige gets so frustrated with him; I can't help but find it funny sometimes. Enjoy this little snippet of their relationship!

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