Me and Wee: How to "Entertain" your children in summer

Saturday, August 1, 2015

How to "Entertain" your children in summer

Fairy House
Here is Paige (and Maren the wonder-dog) proudly standing by her Fairy House she made after I "forced" her to stay outside and play.

Welcome to August! The time we cling to summer like a desperate ex-love. There is still much fun to be had though, so let’s keep at it! My son (age 3) and daughter (age 6) are learning all about the phrases “Go play!!!!” and “Go Outside!” I’m so done with all the Pinterest tips extolling all the fun activities I can do with my kids. I’m tired of the blogs, books, and television media outlets defining the ways I can “entertain my children all summer long!” Here’s the thing: I’m a MOTHER not a cruise director!  So, while I love to do planned activities during the day for quality time (no, I'm not shunning all activities!)  I also have a 6 month old baby to tend to and tons of junk to do around the house…not to mention working on my paintings and prints. So, I’ve been taking a cue from 1984 (when I was a kid) where I was constantly told to get outside and play. I had fun. Messy muddy fun. And now I tell my kids to do the same. Sure, I had to lock them out of the sliding glass door at first until they got used to having the freedom to make up their own games in the yard. HA! Now, my daughter says “Mom, I LOVE outside! It used to be boring but now it’s fun!” She’s tasted freedom and wants more. Are the kids dirtier now? YES! Are they messier now? YES! But, they are also more tired (Wheee!) and more satisfied. They are happy and content. AND I don’t need to come up with more ways to occupy them so they are learning to use their noggins for themselves. I LOVE summer now and I just may be sad when school starts again at the end of the month. Maybe.

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Lor said...

This is exactly what I would like for my kids but we don't have a house so it's more difficult... When we do go out, they can get as dirty as they want, that's what life it about!! I think we feel the same about this...! Oh I ENVY your garden, thinking more and more about leaving Paris but I am not alone in this so... We'll see!!

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