Me and Wee: New Abstract Painting in progress!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

New Abstract Painting in progress!


Oh boy! Mothering 3 small kiddos is exhausting for sure. It takes up most of my time (of course!) so my painting practice hasn't been as often as I'd like. That's the season I'm in! I am taking a little animal portrait break to work on some fun, bright, abstract pieces...perfect for a colorful room focal-point.
Here's the first stage of my newest piece (in my messy studio)...the first layer is always the most boring; but it has to happen! I've gotta let this dry before I can do all the fun stuff on top! Be sure to check back to see the progress here! (You can follow the progress on Instagram by following me @meandwee). Meanwhile I will be cleaning spitup, washing laundry, doing dishes, moderating fights, having dance parties, making all manner of meals and snacks, cleaning messes, reading stories, and all other manner of mothering duties. School's about to start soon!!!!

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