Me and Wee: Baby Shower

Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby Shower

Hi friends!
My Aunt Pat sent me some awesome baby shower pictures she took, so I picked out a few to show you and give you and idea of what it was like. These were taken when I was just starting week 35 of my pregnancy and I'm now at week 38. Anyhoo...
Here is how the tables were set up, what the cake and favors looked like... I've blurred out Little P's name on the cake so you can't see yet. The little cookies were the favors and there were 4 delicious frosted versions shaped like onesies. I loved them! As you can see, the cake is in the shape of a baby carriage.
cake and favors
cookie favor
Here is the gift pile and a section of the gifts. My friends and family were way too generous...we are so lucky to have them all in our lives. Little P is one lucky baby! She now has everything she needs for day-to-day life and fun!
Gift table
Mmm. The buffet. *drool* Here I am loading up my plate. The food was very delicious and quite a selection!
Here is my mother and myself...thanks for throwing the shower Mom! And there is my great friend Sue and myself...thanks for helping to throw the shower and for doing so much to organize it Sue!
me and mom
me and sue
Here are some gift-opening moments:
The Oriole's onesie is a little something she can wear for when Chris wants to watch the baseball games. He's a big fan and was delighted to see this when I showed him.
Here I am crying as I open this Willow figurine depicting a Mom, Dad, and a newborn baby. A friend of mine had given us a Willow figure at Christmas time of a pregnant woman. And here is the version with the father and baby with that same woman. I burst right into tears when I saw this...I managed to say "It's a family!" when I held it up. (Oh, now I'm crying again....)
willow figure
My Aunt Pat and cousin Jennifer gave me this pink bathtub filled with baby products, toys, and the like. It was STUFFED! And when I got toward the end/bottom, my Aunt sat next to me and showed me how to take the clothes out. One by one, each article of clothing zig-zagged out of the bathtub and I quickly noticed they were attached with clothespins! It took several people to help unravel it and by the time it was done stretching out...well, it went clear across the ENTIRE banquet room! What a fun idea! It was a neat presentation and was fun to be able to see all the little outfits at once. The photo only shows my little end, but you get the idea. It was so cool!
Thank you again to my family and friends who came all the way out to celebrate with us. You were way too generous with your gifts, time, and efforts. We are so grateful for everything and it was so special to me that you could be there. I always wondered if I would ever have a baby after all we went through, and the day of Little P.s baby shower was such a special and important milestone for me. My heart overflows.


Lor said...

Wow. This was quite something! And I had no idea the name was already known wow. I think we took the final decision between the two last shortlisted names - Violette -when I was already in labor :). Quite embarrassing! (What if she had come early?)

beachy in the burbs said...

Everything looks so lovely and especially love the photo of you and your Mom together! :)

alicia said...

wow!!!!!!! sooo fun, you lucky girl :)

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