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Saturday, November 28, 2009

7 months
Dear Paige,

Today you are 7 months old! I can hardly believe it. You are now closer to being a whole year old and, as usual, I'm clinging to your babyhood with every breath. You're just so precious to us; it's hard not to!
This past month you grew in your two bottom center teeth! One day I saw them breaking through and 2 days later they *poof!* were pretty much all the way grown through. Around that same time, you started crawling around, commando-style, around the living room. You're attracted to the cable box (of course), the heating grates, and the bottoms of the furniture. So, I spend lots of time distracting you toward your toys instead. You love to crash your wooden rings...I stack them up nicely and you make a game of crashing the tower down. Big fun! You've also started giving us kisses before your naps and bedtime. I'll reach over to give you a kiss and a hug and you will reach toward me from Daddy's arms to give me a hug around the neck and an open mouthed watery kiss on my cheek. I about died with happiness when you first did it and feel the same thrill ever since. When I'm alone with you during the day you aren't quite as lovey-dovey. But, it's nice you'll do it when Daddy's around at least.
Here's a picture of you sitting alone without my help. Good for you!
sitting alone
You know, last week I was washing your bottles in the sink and I was sort of sighing from annoyance when I was doing the fifth one. So many parts to wash! And while I was scrubbing I thought back to before we had you in our life and how I would have given ANYTHING to have bottles to wash. I remembered that ache so vividly. I looked down and felt a huge wave of gratitude crash over me. I was jolted back into remembering how lucky I am and how these sweet moments of your babyhood need to be appreciated. Even the little chores like bottle-part washing. I thought about how one day soon enough you will be in school and I'll miss you so much during the day and I will wistfully look back on these sweet times and I'll say that every little chore was so worth it...that I'd do them a million times over again to have this time with you. During this time of thanksgiving, I am realizing that I am just as grateful for the chores in life as they heighten the fun times. Even the most mundane tasks serve to remind me of the special and sweet times I have with you. This is also true for the rest of life; it's important to find joy in the darkest times. The most boring times. The most annoying or frustrating times. The saddest of times. Joy is always there if you look for it and never let go. You are my treasure; please know that my heart beats in you--that I'm with you and loving you always.
Love Always and Forever,
mom and paige


Anonymous said...

LOVE those yellow PJ's! Where did you get those? -Katie

Jenna Eve said...

hi there,
I too have a seven month old girl. Your blog is too cute and I really appreciated this last post. Also ADORABLE nursery. Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...

Hey Katie! I got those PJs last year around this time at Old Navy. They always come out with great PJs if you're ever looking.

Unknown said...

Jenna Eve: Thanks so much! Happy Holidays to you and your little one! Isn't 7 months fun? :)

EFamily said...

I have to ask where do you buy all these adorable dresses for Paige?

Unknown said...

Thanks! My Mother in Law gave Paige this dress she's wearing in the photo. She's also wearing the same brand (Jeanine Johnsen) in her 6-month photo. I believe she got them at a trunk show with a pair of jammies that matched, and a pink pair of cordouroy overalls.

Dayka Robinson said...

Beautiful letter, and beautiful daughter. What a blessing!

Kaci Jo said...

That last paragraph made me cry. After I read it I realized I feel the same way. Everyday I come home from work and have to wash all of my breastpump parts from making milk for my little one. I never feel like doing it, but now I'll find joy in it:) Thanks!

BTW, I love your blog. I stumbled on it when I did a google search for nursey ideas several months ago. Yours is totatlly cool.

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