Me and Wee: Evening Fun

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Evening Fun

Evening Playtime
Chris is a great Dad. For a million reasons, but for this particular evening it's for giving her a fun shoulder ride and running all around before Paige's bedtime. She shrieks with glee the whole time which makes my heart do the same.

Shoulder Ride


Kelly said...

These are the most precious moments!! He reminds me of my hubby :) Both of our girls screech with glee while Daddy runs around with them on his shoulders. It is just the sweetest kind of laughter! You have a beautiful family!

Bee said...

Do you mind telling me which size of the elephant hamper that you ordered? I'm trying to decide which size we need, and whether you think the size you have has worked well for you. :)

Thanks! It's been wonderful following you along on your journey, and I love your nursery!

Unknown said...

Kelly: Thanks so much! I agree; it is so precious and makes me feel so grateful. You're so kind!
Bee: We got the medium size and it has been plenty big enough. The one downside is that the liner velcro has come all didn't stick well to the rattan. But, I barely use the liner anymore. The medium has been great. I bet I could have gone to the small, but then it wouldn't have the presence I wanted it to have. Plus I throw my own clothes in there! :)

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