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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Getting, Giving, Spoiling, Toiling

Hi friends!
We are getting ready to celebrate the Christmas holiday with my parents this coming weekend; we're very excited! Before I started shopping for Paige I said to myself:
"OK, self! Paige isn't going to give a crap about what you get her this year, so just mark the day with a few treats you know she'll like and call it a day. And don't forget to add to her savings account. Mmmm that cookie looks delicious, *droooooool*...."
Well, that all flew right out the window (except for the cookie, which flew directly into my mouth) as once I bought one thing, I just HAD to get another little thing, and OH wouldn't THIS be cute too!? Now she has more than I'd planned on. And this doesn't even count what Santa plans to bring her...or Nana & Grampa...or Grandma & Rico...or her Aunties and Uncles. Why is it so hard to put the brakes on the extra gifting? I was talking to my friend about this and she informed me: It's because it's fun. It's fun to buy for little children because the toys are fun, cute, and remind us of our childhoods. And it's not a long window where you can buy those fun things. She told me: Everyone else like to buy them too, so you'll get a lot more things than you'd planned on having. One part of me says "Oh no! I don't want Paige to be spoiled or expect a lot of things or believe that Christmas is about GETTING and not GIVING." That's the bigger part of me. The smaller part of me says "Oh well, she's a child, let her enjoy the gifts she is given and don't make a big deal about it all... and make sure she sends her thank-you notes." I speak in generalizations here; as if she were five and not 7 months old. In the future I'll want to strike a good balance. So, in going forward, I will be sure to buy her less but good quality, make sure we do community service throughout the year to teach her about GIVING and APPRECIATING, to donate her older toys she no longer plays with at least once per year, to buy new clothes and toys for a child in a less-fortunate situation via a local charity, and of course to always write thank you notes. As for this year...she's just a baby and hasn't a clue. So the REST of us will enjoy reliving our childhoods and will oooh and aahhhh over her new goodies in her place. I can't wait for "her" to open them! Let's face it, the magic and wonder isn't ONLY for the kids!


good thoughts said...

I can't wait either! Babies need toys - that's how the learn! And once they figure them out it's onto the next thing - so cycling some new ones every now and then is important.... :) that's how I justified it at least!

Lor said...

After all these years you fully deserve to spoil your little girl a bit! You deserve it!

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