Me and Wee: Paper fun

Friday, December 4, 2009

Paper fun

That Face
Hey there!
We added another fun activity to our day: playing in paper! I have taken all the tissue paper hanging around from gifts, etc. and have crinkled it up loosely and put it on the floor in a pile for Paige to play in. I've yet to take a photo of it.
I've also found interesting bags made of different kinds of crinkly-sounding plastics...I cut them up into pieces (so they aren't bags anymore) and added them to the pile. She loves to crawl/slither through it and feel the different sensations in her hands. She sits in the pile and just looks all around. Much like playing in the fall leaves! And when she's done, I just gather them all up and store them in a bag. Save your papers from holiday time; it will be all the more fun for the little ones to rip and crinkle with well after the season. And, as always, I doubt it is ever safe to leave a child unattended with these materials, so be sure to keep your watchful eye on alert!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the disclaimer Meg, I'd hate for us to have to deal with a lawsuit during the holidays.


Anonymous said...

Christmas paper, crinkling, checking it twice, could this be called Kris Krinkling your paper?
Oh yeah, and be careful that your young doggies and kittys don't find that shreddy paper pile too tempting! Ewwwww!!! Just kidding.
Grampa and Nana say Hiiii!

Home Sweet Home Place said...

What fun! I think she is going to love paper as much as her mom! ;)

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