Me and Wee: Happy Holidays 2009: Part 2

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Holidays 2009: Part 2

Christmas Day Excitement!
Hi friends! I thought I would show you, in pictures, how Paige's first Christmas Day looked. Just a few pictures; we spent several days with Chris' parents and family in Connecticut. We went to Christmas Eve Mass (Paige in the red dress) the day before where she did great...she decided to get very chatty during the Communion. MaMaMaMuuuummmmmmm! She got pretty loud. But the place was so crowded and we were amongst a huge group of people standing in the back so she blended in. :) Paige enjoyed her Christmas Day and loved all her special gifts from her family and from Santa Claus. Santa brought her a knit giraffe hand puppet, some knit finger puppets, and a knit bird rattle. Those elves are so crafty. There was a particular talking doll that her Auntie and Uncle gave her...she is wild about it. It sings about different body parts and also sings songs when you press different parts of the body. You can see her tackling it in a photo below. (that was taken here at home once we got back). Amongst many toys and books, her Grandma and Rico gave her a wooden sleigh for us to pull her in the snow along the hiking path behind our house. We're so excited! Now we can enjoy the winter weather with a fun activity. Warm wishes!

Me and Wee before Christmas Mass
Before Christmas Mass
Paige in her Xmas Dress
Bla Bla Rattle
Doll love
Christmas Morning


Anonymous said...

All great shots for Paige's first Christmas!
Happy New Year!

Dayka Robinson said...

You all look so great! Cute photos of the baby, too. Hope you're enjoying the New Year!

alicia said...

beautiful pics!!! and yay saying mama paige!! love it :)

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