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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Facebook Official

Hi there!

Like, totally, right? (That's me channeling my late-80s self) We're totally Facebook Official around here. The Me & Wee Etsy shop now has a Facebook Page! 

Phew, I've been busting my butt to get my work up in the shop, then to create the Facebook business page, and now I'm working on promoting it. There's about a zillion shops on Etsy and it's so hard to be seen or found there! We're talking needle in a haystack. I've read up on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and have gone through the shop and anything related to it with all the techniques in place so that Google can find me...I've spend endless amounts of time tweaking and editing and polishing so that I may have a better chance of being found on the web. It's harder than I thought!

So, if you have a moment of free time (ha!) would you mind checking out the Facebook page and "liking" it? And if you have even MORE free time (guffaw!) , would you considering sharing it with your friends there? (Only if you feel it's sharable, of course) As with anything, the more people I can reach (through your help!) the better my chances of making a sale and possibly turning this venture into something. I appreciate your help so very much.
The Me & Wee page will have Instagram photos that show arty inspirations, my work in progress, and anything shop/art related. I bet I'll even slip in some family stuff here and there too. I also want to be able to chat with people, take suggestions, share ideas, and discuss fun things.

I want to be able to share some arty things here in this space but don't want it to take over. This is the space we talk about family stuff, right? (Stuff like how Noah just pooped and spit up on me 10 minutes ago in one fell swoop, but I digress...) So if you want to follow the arty-designy-inspirationy things that might not always show up here, you know where to go. And yes, I just made all those words up.
Thanks again friends! Back to our regular-scheduled programming tomorrow! Perhaps I can manage to shower in the meantime?

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