Me and Wee: 10 Months

Friday, November 16, 2012

10 Months

10 months

Dear Little N,

10 Months! Ok. STOP GROWING! Orrrr, not. sigh. I want you to grow, flourish and become all you are meant to be. But I love having you as my little butterball. So plump and juicy! I know, I aren't a turkey. But, I know why they say "BABY! THE OTHER, OTHER WHITE MEAT!"
Say Aahhhh

You're just so lovable and I want to bite your sweet cheeks and other pudgy parts.
This month wasn't so different from last month, except now you are finally pulling yourself up to kneeling and sometimes standing! Nothing seems to be off limits anymore; it seems that whatever I put out of your reach you find a way to grab.
I got a photo of your first time pulling yourself up to stand!
10 months


You've almost outgrown your Jumperoo (nooooooo!) and your army crawl is more fast and furious than ever. You made it across the kitchen in record time the other day and already had some dog food in your mouth before I could get to you! You're already giving me a run for my money!
Your sister is finally starting to come try and play with you much more often (as opposed to ignoring you much of the time). She shares toys with you and even says you are "soooo cute." You babble to her and she babbles back as if you have your own private language. I can tell you're going to be great buddies when you're older. It's a new dimension of joy in the house; I love it!
Noah, having you home with me during the day has been such a joy. Being your Mom is my greatest pride and accomplishment. I know I'm not perfect, but I need you to know that I wake up each day intent on doing my best to care for you and give you all you deserve. You kids are my heart; your smiles are my greatest reward.
10 months
Keep smiling my beautiful boy! Your gentle and sweet nature is going to bring you many wonderful blessings. I'm so excited to be here in the front row watching them unfold!
I love you always and forever more,



val said...

Omg that first picture! His face has changed so much since I last saw him, he looks so much older! Soooo cute :)

Hayley said...

Haha love that last picture. So adorable : )! Xx

Unknown said...

Thanks HayleyR! :)
Thanks Val! He's growing too fast!

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