Me and Wee: Thanksgiving 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Hi friends!
We've been away for the holiday and then we've been sick! Well, I have anyway. Add in a lack of sleep thanks to SOMEONE wanting to get up all hours of the night to "eat." His name rhymes with Shmoa. Also, poor Little P slipped on the kitchen floor the other day and hit her eyebrow bone on the kitchen island. She is now sporting 3 stitches, a bruised eye, and a bandage. She just picked out some new Disney "Cars" band aids so she's quite excited about the whole deal. Here she is:

It was so scary, but she's ok (Thank God!) and so am I. After my initial freak-out of course!

We had a great Thanksgiving. *Burp*
I'm so thankful for our family. Everyone plays such a special role and boy, are we lucky. 
Here's a couple favorite Thanksgiving pictures from our wonderful time: (when did Paige start looking so grown up?) P.S. I'll be back soon, I've got a lot going on in my head to share here in my journal. Maybe you'll be able to relate to me?






Steve Finnell said...

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Lor said...

Oh boy, how cute they are!

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