Me and Wee: My amazing son (and husband)

Friday, November 30, 2012

My amazing son (and husband)

The past several nights have been rough. Noah hasn't been sleeping well, therefore, we aren't either. Last night took the cake and he was up crying most of the night. We never could find the reason, but I remember Paige having nights like this. I assume it's a belly ache or teething pain. This morning, I was going about my business (sluggishly and mumbling under my breath!) when the doorbell rang. After Maren the Wonder Dog had crazy fits of nutty, I saw an old man at the door with a huge bouquet of flowers.

I got a flower delivery from my 10month old for keeping me up all night!

And here's the note with them:
I have the best 10 month old...and husband

I have the best son! You are forgiven Noah! (And I have the best husband; I'm so, so, so lucky.) Chris has promised that I can have the whole night to sleep uninterrupted tonight now that it's the weekend. Score!  It's so right!


Lor said...

Lucky you!!! I NEVER get the uninterrupted night as a present but I'd love to!

Sapphire said...

Awww, that is soooo sweet and special. You are one lucky mama/wife!

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