Me and Wee: The day of bombs

Friday, April 19, 2013

The day of bombs

Here I sit in my little town; not far from Boston as authorities shut everything down to hunt down the Marathon bomber. I went over to the post office to mail some orders to my customers and the clerk told me they aren't allowed to deliver mail as of now (I'm guessing until they catch the guy).  All this violence and negativity breaks my heart for my children who have to grow up in this kind of atmosphere. I'm going to be vigilant in protecting them from these outside sources; making them play outside all the time amongst the sunshine and trees as they blissfully live out their childhoods...oblivious to the violence not far away.
One thing I know; we will pray. We will rely on higher powers to carry out a greater plan which we are a part. 

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Stephanie said...

True words, Megan. Our very dear friends live in Cambridge and the shoot-out last night was right by our friend's office. So scary.

A friend of a friend was severely injured on Monday. She went to high school here in the Sacramento area. Life's just not fair sometimes.

But I don't want my children to have to worry about this - I want them to live and play innocently and obliviously to the evil that can sometimes happen.

Take care... - Stephanie

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