Me and Wee: MTHFR C677T

Sunday, October 26, 2008


This post was written in my other blog over Valentines 2008:

Hello! Happy belated Valentine's day...I'm pretty low key about the day, so I didn't feel like posting about it. For those who have been following along with my drama of trying to conceive: It was also the day that we met with our Reproductive Endocrinologist to find out the results of my seemingly thousands of blood tests. Most everything (the possible blood clotting disorders and things like that) came back normal (yay!) But they found one thing. I have a genetic mutation called the MTHFR C677T mutation. The genetic polymorphisms of MTHFR C677T are associated with unexplained recurrent early spontanous abortion. (early miscarriages). My RE believes that this is what has been causing my losses. A large percentage of the population has at least one mutation (inherited). I have 2 mutations since I inherited one from my Mom and one from my Dad. This is a lot more rare. This is also reminding me of Sophomore Biology class...
Anyway, apparently it is linked with risk for cardiovascular disease and blood clots in the veins. Grrrrreeeeaaaaaat. So, as I understand it, they have to check my homocysteine levels each year to make sure they aren't too high (thus causing clots and possible hardening of the arteries in the future). The mutation (if you have 2) is also possibly linked to episodes of depression (which I battle) and possibly to migraines. What do you do to help matters you ask? Well, I have to take a simple prescribed supplement with a TON of extra folic acid and vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. I will have to take it daily for the rest of my life. Now that I'm trying to have a child, I also have to take a prenatal vitamin along with it (just to give me even MORE of aforementioned vitamins). I've already been taking them daily, but I guess it wasn't nearly enough for me. These will supposedly keep the levels of homocysteine down. I guess the mutation causes my body not to process those particular vitamins properly and thus I need 5 times more than the normal person. Not having enough Folic acid can cause birth defects/problems with an early pregnancy hence the miscarriages.
Sorry for all the scientific talk, but I thought it would help for anyone else going through something similar. Overall, it's a simple fix that SUPPOSEDLY should help me keep a pregnancy with me in the future. We shall see. I'm always tired, so I'm happy that I'm taking tons of extra B12 now. It should give me my energy I always seem to lack (a nice side effect!) I'm happy that's all they found (well, that and my slight T-shaped uterus I mentioned in an earlier post) and that it's treatable. So, Valentine's Day brought us some much-awaited and prayed-for answers. That beats out chocolates any day. Despite a few obstacles, it looks like the future for a wee one is looking much more bright.

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Corinne said...

So I don't know you at all, but I found your blog because I saw your nursery on odeedoh and LOVE the nursery by the way! As I was checking out your previous entries I saw your MTHFR post and had to see what you wrote. I also have the MTHFR mutation on the same gene I think I have only one mutation. It has been interesting going from doctor to doctor, and I swear so many of them are clueless! But I have 2 healthy kids. Recently however I have had 2 early miscarriages and I wonder if they are related? I am SO bad and don't take my vitamins unless I think I am pregnant or plan on getting pregnant, but anyway you obviously had a child after you discovered the mutation and I was wondering if you think your vitamins helped with that? Just wanted to let you know that someone else is out there. And I love your nursery, I saw that you have an etsy shop...I'll be checking that out too! My etsy shop is "on vacation" right now as I am moving this week, but if you'd like to check it out some time it is: Later Gator.

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