Me and Wee: A T-Shaped Uterus

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A T-Shaped Uterus

This post was written in my old blog on January 15, 2008: it refers to the HSG test where the doctor injects a dye into the uterus through the cervix and they take an X-Ray as the dye flows through and 1. inflates the uterus and 2. flows through the fallopian tubes to show any blockages or abnormalities. They'd wanted to check it because of my losses and to see if the ectopic had left behind any damage.

Hello! Well, holy hell... today's test hurt so badly. UGH! It seemed like it was ok during the procedure...just very uncomfortable. But the pain I felt afterward had me in some tears and a bit of writhing and gnashing of teeth ensued. I feel much better now and am happy it's done. The doc there at the hospital said my tubes are free-flowing and clear! No blockages or issues there. But (of course there's a "but") my uterus is "a bit T-shaped." (his words). He went on to say "But it shouldn't be too much of a problem." Well, I hadn't realized it COULD be a problem. So, of course I got home and googled it...and didn't see much by way of good news for the condition. It seems, though, to explain the ectopic pregnancy and miscarriages. So after a lot of tears and stress, I've left a message with my RE hoping she would call me back once she gets the official results from the hospital...rather than me waiting a few weeks to see her in person. I'd like to be able to, you know, SLEEP tonight knowing what she thinks in terms of MY situation. Googling OTHER people's situations doesn't help because their "T" might be more "T-like" than mine. Or perhaps their uterus looked more like some other letter of the alphabet...or a wingding symbol you get when you hit lots of key combinations together on the computer. I know I shouldn't panic when I don't know the details. But that's why I panic. And I can't help it. So that's that. We'll see what happens!

I later called the RE who ran the tests to see what his perspective was:

Here's some quotes of what he said:
1. "generally speaking, women with a t-shaped uterus have poor pregnancy outcomes"

2. "many women with the t-shape go on to eventually have a healthy viable baby

3. "many miscarriages before 10 weeks aren't because of the t-shape...the t-shape tends to cause later miscarriages" (this did not feel good to hear at all!!)

4. "looking at YOUR x-rays, I would say you have a slight t-shape. It's there, but not bad. I've seen much worse cases. I would guess that you should have a positive outcome at some point. Of all the t-shapes, this one is a better one to have."

So, I guess it's not all bad news. It's possible. I will find out more details in a few weeks when I get to meet with my actual RE to go over all the numerous results from all my testing. The bottom line is: I have to keep trying. And there's nothing I can do to control the outcome except for trying to relax and not obsess (that's a knee-slapper.)

Above is the picture of my uterus and tubes. The white-ish areas is the dye and as you can see, it shows that I have a T-shaped uterus. CLICK HERE to see what a "normal" uterine cavity is supposed to look like. You'll notice it should look like an upside down triangle.

UPDATE: 3/4/09
During my current pregnancy, I've asked my OB lots of questions about my T-shaped uterus. Surprisingly, he has been pretty unconcerned. During the first few weeks of ultrasounds, the tech always was confused since the T-shape threw her off a little bit. But, when I hit 13 weeks, they couldn't tell I had a t-shape anymore. They said that it usually stretches to the point of looking like other "normal" ones at that point. I went on to prod the doctor with more questions and he said that, in his experience, more women have T-shapes than people know about. Usually it's not even discovered until the end of the pregnancy if they need a C-Section...and they go in and find out that the T-shape was there all along. Why don't these women know sooner if at all? Because typically you don't get ultrasounds until around the 12-13 week mark and by then it's stretched out and they can't tell. He said as they do more ultrasounds earlier, they discover more and more women with this anomaly and it's not from drug exposure...just a natural flaw in the shape that occurred. My own OB told me he sees it "fairly frequently" and it "typically works out just fine." So, it shows that the statistics on this condition out there are not accurate at all. Now, I'm sure he's talking about NON-SEVERE T-shapes here. Let me be clear on that. But there is so little information on the internet on this issue at all...and what IS there seems so hopeless. I was so relieved when my doc told me he was unconcerned and sees it pretty regularly and hasn't had many problems he's seen because of it. So there IS hope for many women with the T-shape for carrying a biological child. In fact, a friend of a friend had a baby just last year and she only found out she had a T-shape during her C-Section when the baby wasn't descending into the canal as she should. She'd had no idea about the anomaly. And she's pregnant and about to give birth to her second child. So, I felt I needed to share the little bits I discovered and learned here in hopes that someone out there might need a boost in terms of a positive outlook. We are all different, but it helps to know that it's not all bad news all the time for everyone.

UPDATE 1/29/2010:
I just wanted to let everyone know who is here looking for hope/information: I delivered my baby girl "naturally"...I didn't need a C-Section after all! Everything somehow worked out after a lot of worry and assumptions that a surgery would be needed.


Anonymous said...

Dear Megan, I wish I could come up with a better phrase to express my thanks for the relief your update on this uterine anomaly gave me. I was given the news over a week ago (after a terribly painful HSG), and I have been despairing ever since. You really helped temper the crushing feeling that had descended upon me. All the best to you. Merci beaucoup, gracias, grazie, efharisto--Thank you from T.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!! I had my HSG yesterday and my results look exactly like yours did. Of course the first thing I did was google T shaped uterus...What a bad thing to do!!! That will totally freak you out, but your blog was a real bright spot. I meet with an RE on friday so hopefully we will get some answers.
Again, Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Megan, that's so good to hear. I had a miscarriage in May and after had an HSG and was told I had a T shaped uterus. But the info I was given was really confusing. I was told from the doctor who performed my HSG that it was a T-shaped uterus and I saw the x-ray and it looked just like yours. But my OB just thinks it was the angle of the x-rays (they were having problems with the equipment) and was not concerned. So I still have a whole lot of uncertainty. I made the mistake of looking on the internet for more info too. Such a bad idea. I am currently trying again and was worried about it and thats when I found your post. I feel so much better. Even though my OB was not concerned, I still want to be infomed in case the first doctor was right.

Anonymous said...

Dear Megan,
I just left my HSG about 1 hour ago and have been frantically looking on the internet for anything positive regarding my T-shaped uterus. I'm scared and sad but after reading your blog, a bit more optimistic. I won't know anything until Monday.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton for all the info! I could not find any good data on T-shaped uterus anywhere else. I feel so much better after reading your post!

Anonymous said...

Dear Megan,
I want to add my thanks to you for posting your information on your t-shaped uterus and successful pregnancy (CONGRATS!). I too had a HSG that showed a t-shaped uterus and have found little info online. I was a little surprised that my RE seemed fairly un-phased by the news--which I am now seeing as positive when added to your story. All the best to all fellow t-shapers! M-

Anonymous said...

Hey Megan - we share two things in common... our name and a T-shape uterus. I got my HSG done a week back (extremely painful to say the least). My doc suggested a surgery to correct the T. We've just finished taking a second and third opinion from our family doctors and have been advised not get a surgery done. I feel alot better after reading your blog... your experience is in line with what my family doctors described... that irrespective of shape and size most people have a normal preganancy and delivery. Thanks for sharing your experinece - there is light at the end of the tunnel :)

Lots of Love

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I feel much better!and congrats to you! all the best.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing this. I was diagnosed this week via an HSG with a t-shape and did the same thing. I am 40 years old and have never been pregnant, so I finally started with the fertility testing to see where "m at, and that test was part of it.

Until I read this I felt so crestfallen, like I was sinking to the bottom of the sea. Thanks for bringing me back to the surface

Ali from Colorado

Anonymous said...

Megan, thank you for posting your story. I had my HSG yesterday and found to have both tubes blocked, luckily they cleared during the HSG procedure. Also a T-shape Uterus. The RE seemed unconcerned/unphased when she said this, and I was more focused on the tubes so I didn't ask questions. Until I got home a asked Google what it ment, as we all know that is not a good thing to do. After a frantic/ tearful call to DH, and my Mom I found your blog.

Thank-you for sharing your realistic story, it is hopeful and calming to know that a happy healthy full term pregnancy is very possible.

Anonymous said...

Megan, I too share your name and the same T-shape (and my mother never took DES). Hopefully I will share the same outcome. I am 39 and trying to concieve for the first time (not unlike you Ali). We decided to go strait to IVF (we just got married in July) so as not to waste any time. We start it on the 17th and my Doctor who is the best in this area (and painfully honest) simply said that all that means is there is a possibility for pre-term labor and by having this test done he now knows where to place the embryo's (right in the middle).
Thank you for posting this!
BTW, I think everyone should stop referring to it as an "anomoly" or "diagnosis." It just happens to the the shape of your uterus, just like all of your other parts.

Unknown said...


I had 3 m/c and after HSG test they found out I have T-shaped uterus. My doctor said she will refer me to specialist after receving all my blood tests. With so little information, I want to know whether T-shape affect the implantation as all my m/c happened in the first 6 weeks of pregnancy. What should i do ? How should I proceed ? What are the things I look for and ask for when I go to specialist. I am so sad and am so anxious to have a baby. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Unknown said...

Hi PT, I'm so sorry for your losses and that this is happening! I completely understand. For me, my blood tests found that have 2 mutations of the MTHFR C677T chromosome which causes an inability to properly absorb folic acid. My specialist said that THIS was the real reason the miscarriages were likely happening. She said it was unlikely the uterine shape was causing the losses, but she DID admit that it didn't help matters. I think a fertilized egg is looking for a blood-rich spot to nest in, and I tend to wonder if an abnormal shape confuses things. My first pregnancy was ectopic, but in the uterus it still implanted anyway. In my case, taking a prescription folic acid in addition to regular prenatal vitamins for several months was the advice I was given. I wish we knew more! Unfortunately, I've known people who've had more than 10 miscarriages before finally conceiving and carrying to term and I've known people who've only had a few losses before it finally happened. I've had 4 losses, and I hate to sound negative but I am assuming I'll have more as I try to have our next child in the future. I'm hoping that's not the case of course! I have to keep reminding myself that nature knows best and all I can do is get my body as healthy and vitamin-rich as I can. That's the advice I would give to anyone else too. Discuss your fears with the specialist and tell them you need them to reassure you as best as they can by giving you stats and facts. Don't give up hope!

shawna [of styleberryBLOG] said...

megan--first, hello. I found you through a link to your fab nursery. I adore it. So well done! I also just recently opened up on my blog ( about my uterine abnormality--I have a septum, but was still able to carry my daughter to term. Just wanted to say hi & congrats on your little miracle! :)

Surya Achanta said...

Hi Megan,

Thanks for the reply. I received all my reports and tests. Finally, my MTHFR test came out positive and my MRI confirm I have Bicornuate Uterus. My doctor thinks he is still not sure what my MRI report says. The report says that my uterus is bicornuate and can't be corrected. But he showed me the pics and said he can still correct it by surgery.At this point he is not assuring but he says we might have to go for surgery. Also he put me on a medicine for additional folic acid, B12 vitiamins.
I am now hesitant about the decision I have to take. Shall I enrich my body for 3 months with the folic acid and vitamins and try one more time or shall I go ahead and take a chance on surgery. Can anybody help me on this please ?

Unknown said...

Hi there,
We have the same issues! I haven't seen the images of your uterus, but in my case, we did the folic acid and tried things on our own. My doctor seemed confident that my uterus would stretch enough for the pregnancy on its own (which it did.) I got pregnant with a viable pregnancy around 6 months after starting the folic acid. 5 months after starting it, I got pregnant but had a miscarriage. The following month was when I got pregnant with my daughter. I took the folic acid and prenatal vitamins during the months trying to conceive and all during the pregnancy. If your doctor does not think your uterus will stretch out enough for a pregnancy/is a shape that won't work out and they recommend surgery for sure then I would consider it (along with your vitamins!). I wish you all the luck in the world.

Anonymous said...

It was great to read your story of hope. I too have a T shaped uterus and difficulty absorbing folic acid. I had a miscarriage in November and have been struggling with wonders of every getting pregnant again. It seems that no one I know really gets it. Sometimes feeling so alone. Thank you for this blog.

LouC said...

HI Megan
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your blog - I was told I had a T shaped uterus yesterday and that I now have to have IVF - this wasn't what I was expecting, after a good few hours of crying (and a good few glasses of wine) I started looking to Dr Google for some answers which was a huge mistake (mainly because it was 3am and my husband was asleep_ but I came across your blog and feel so much better - i am going to call my RE today to ask him all the questions that slipped my mind yesterday - thank you thank you thank you!

Mommy Shoe Diva said...

Thank you for your post. I mc at 10wks back in April and at 32 decided I didnt want to wait to long to see if there was an issue. I went in for the preliminary testing (HSG SO not fun!) as did my husband. We had our follow up appointment today the RE said there might be a slight T shape but not really worried at this point - going to start clomed next cycle adnd all she said was if there were multuple eggs that she would suggest not to try because of the T shape - the whole thing is just blowing my mind and making me really anxious because no one in my immediate life is going through this so there is no one to really talk to - having this blog post made me feel somewhat better so thank you for putting it out there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan, thanks a million for your posts!! Like everyone else, I found out I had a t shaped uterus( which seems VERY common), after having an early MC!! Went in to ivf, only had 2 transfers and 7!!! Cancelled transfers as my lining wasn't thick enough!! After months and months of hormones, I tried acupuncture and chines herbs ( normally I would have little faith in "hocus locus" remedies, but I have fallen pregnant naturally and us horrified about the comments about being able to carry full term with a t shape uterus!! I'm at week 7 and had a confirmed heartbeat today, fingers crossed!! Kitty cat

Tina said...

I randomly landed on your page after googling about t-shaped uterus. honestly, you are reassuring me.

just like you, i did an HSG and the radiologist told me i have a t-shaped uterus, but it shouldn't cause a problem with pregnancy. however, when i googgled it up, everything turned on the dark side knowing my chances to be pregnant is so slight!

i just knew the good new that im now pregnant of 8 weeks, and the dr have been telling me the high risk of miscarriages. im pretty worried, but happy to hear that we could still have successful pregnancies. thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi All. Just reading through all of this and wanted to add my story if I could. Basically had trouble conceiving on my own so went down the path of IVF. We had 2 goes with frozen eggs and they didn't take. I then was told I had a t-shaped uterus so I had corrective surgery and had a clean out. Our last egg took but got to 7 weeks and miscarriaged. I at that stage had almost given up and my body had gone through enough. And just when we thought about giving it another go, we found out we were pregnant and its natural. So I somehow feel that maybe having the surgery may of had something to do with it. I'm 20 weeks and will have to have a c-section due to scarring on my uterus, but really don't care how I have it as long as its a healthy baby :)
good luck everyone

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