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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hello! Welcome to the first post on "Me and Wee." Let me introduce myself. My name is Megan and I'm a self-employed graphic designer and letterpresser. Here is my website. The handsome fella in the photo there with me is my husband Chris. He's an engineer...a man of physics whereas I am a woman of art/creative pursuits. Together we live with our little mini dachshund named Maren...she keeps us on our toes as she's only a year old and pretty energetic (aka. crazy). I'm sure you now may wonder "what's the deal with this blog?" Well, we are excited to publicly announce that I am pregnant and we are expecting a baby in the very beginning of May 2009. I am currently 13 weeks pregnant. Hooray! It was no small feat to get here, however. We began trying in early 2007 and 4 pregnancy losses ensued from then until recently (July 2008). This blog is a place where we will chronicle our losses and explore how we got through them emotionally. We will also explore how those losses affect us now in our current pregnancy because, well, how could they not? We're excited to share in our current experiences as we move through the pregnancy and all that comes with it...the discoveries along the way, the emotions, the cool products we come across, nursery decorating ideas, the advice we've received...this is the place we will put it all out there to share. And once the wee one comes, we'll discuss the adventures of raising a child and having a family. It's about the "we" of family and the "wee one" on the way. My husband Chris will be checking in from time to time with thoughts from his perspective, humorous anecdotes, jokes at my expense...
Welcome to our little world! We're excited to have you along on this roller coaster. It's not for the faint of heart as we are going to be quite candid. So consider yourself warned and let's get started!

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