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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Internet, help meeeeeeee!!!!
As I mentioned last time, Paige has a bad cold and cough. Every little sniffle and cough seems to trigger a throw-up session. No, not just a little gag or spit up. It goes like this:

"My name is Paige and I'm cute. Oooh, I seem to need to sniff. *sniff* ahem. ahem. cough. COUGH. COOOUUUUUGGGGGHHHH. GAG. gaaag. gaaaag.
-1, maybe 2 seconds pass-

*little barf*
*BIG BARF* pause
*BIG BARF* pause pause...maybe I'm done

*Pathetic whimper*"

All of this happens without much warning or time to run for cover and it's usually when I'm holding her. She barfs ALL OVER herself and me. No joke, my glasses were covered, my entire outfit soaked through to the skin. And can't even recognize who she is under the goo. She looks like Carolanne after she falls out of the weird ghost warp hole as a slimy mess in Poltergeist. So, I run to the kitchen where the floor is easy to clean and I peel off her clothes and then mine and I jiggety jig around the house to the bathroom upstairs where we both shiver as I give her a quick bath and I jump in the shower for 2 seconds to wash the mess off (after her bath of course) and out of my hair. Jiggety Jig Jiggety Jig!!! I then run all twinkle toes trying not to fall on my bare saggy butt as I try to find clothes for the both of us...all the while leaving a wet footprint trail.
I think this is so far a once per day occurance. At least on the weekend it happens to Chris. (hee hee.) Sorry honey. At least I'm there to help you when it happens to YOU. So, it's fair that I can make a little joke. :)
Will this vomit fest ever end? Will Little P starve? Will she keep her antibiotics down? (minor ear infection). AAAAGGH!


Anonymous said...

I am also familiar with sudden, massive barfing due to cough. My baby had a bad cold back in January and would cough until she barfed, too. We found that it helped to keep the humidifier turned very high and to frequently squeeze saline in her little nose to flush out the congestion. Both cut down on the coughing and gagging, which cut down on the barfing. Good luck!
- A stranger who loves following your blog

Jesse said...

I wonder if this is because she is ingesting too much snot? You might have already tried this, but can you suction it out or teach her to blow out her nose? The less snot being *sniffed* in, the less her airway will get irritated and the less she'll need to cough. Poor bitty and poor you, covered in pukiness! What a trial.

Pam said...

Hey Megan,

Ha ha! Kyle is like this. Almost everytime he has bad cough, he will end up throwing up. He just has a sensitive stomach and always has. I would definitely not give Paige her medicine on a full stomach! That's only asking for trouble, and just give her tiny meals at a time which would make it easier on her stomach and not so sensitive to the coughing. Also, if I give them lots to drink at one time, the same things happens, as Anaiah reminded me last night. It seems that Anaiah has what Paige has, and I'm just beginning to get it. Let's hope there are no complications! This is a nasty virus going around! I would recommend honey and tea, but Paige is too young. We live on the stuff when we're sick. That and Emergen-C. We'll definitely be running the humidifier round the clock! Good luck. You'll get through it! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

This morning my 10 month old coughed and then vomited. I started to laugh, thinking about your cute play-by-play and how here I was living it.
I think next time he coughs, I'm going to run him to the tub and he can cough there. Just to save some steps in between :)

amy said...

Girlfriend, I have no advice. Just stopping by to say I hope you BOTH get to feeling better :)



MG said...

Oh, I hope this passes quickly for you all - and I'm sure it will pass. This was absolutely hilarious to read, though - it sounds like you're making the best of it!

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