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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Art Corner

Hi friends!

Art Corner

Today I will show you Paige's corner for art. We got a Melissa and Doug easel that has a white board on one side and a chalk board on the other. It also holds a roller of paper in between and it feeds up through over the white board. Paige has been LOVING using her crayons on this; she can do big strokes and scribbles with abandon. I never considered using an easel before; I figured she'd be fine coloring in an art pad while sitting in her chair. It was fine for crayons; though she didn't do much for scribbling. The pad would move all around under her hand. Also, when she tried to paint, her fist would just go through the wet paint and smear around. The easel keeps her hands up away from the work surface. She seems so much happier with it this way, and it's neater for her. Having studied art professionally, I think it's important for children to have a space to create and experiment. So far so good! Also pictured is the container of beans Paige plays in (mentioned a few posts back). The artwork over it is a scan from a child's book that I printed on large paper and framed. You'll see behind the easel that we have some magnetic letters stuck to the wall...we did a few coats of magnetic paint in the entire corner from the floor to a few feet up. Those particular magnets don't work so great, but the thin kids of magnets seem to stick well. I hope to design and create some magnetic play sets/scenes for P to play with. I know we could have done chalkboard paint over it, but I feel funny encouraging Paige to write/draw on the walls. I would think it would be confusing to a little CAN write on the wall HERE but not THERE. I decided to keep the festivities to the easel for simplicity's sake.
So, that's the art corner!


Home Sweet Home Place said...

Magnetic paint! Brilliant!

Unknown said...

These are some awesome tips! We're moving (this weekend - eeps!) into our first home and have a huge basement that we're going to turn into a playroom. Love the magnetic paint idea! said...

magnetic paint in the wall..what a neat idea!

i love that you are nurturing her creativity at such an early age.

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