Me and Wee: Colorful kid's room

Monday, November 22, 2010

Colorful kid's room


Hi friends!
I'm interrupting the playroom tour with a shameless plug of Paige's nursery: It's in the top 9 running in Ohdeedoh's "Small Kids, Big Color 2010" contest. Would you consider going on over there to vote for Paige's room? There's 48 hours to vote and we'd so appreciate it!
Thanks so much for your time! I hope you're having a great day!


Dekorasyon Ankara said...

Thank you for this clever and useful kids room design idea.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I am wondering where this bedding set came from or if it can be ordered?

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm sorry to say it was discontinued right after I bought it back in winter 2008. I sold that set once Paige outgrew the crib; otherwise I would offer it to you! It was by Nurseryworks and was called "Macaroni" in the color "canary."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response! Any idea what paint you used?

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