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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Toy Area

Hi friends!
Today I'm excited to show you Paige's toy corner.

Toy Corner

Her little Ikea shelving unit sits here and I rotate in her toys periodically. I like keeping it simple; Paige can see her toys and it's easy to put things away. I like that she can take her own toys out to play with and she's learning bit by bit to clean up after herself. We've got a long way to go with that, but the seeds are being planted!
The baskets come from Ikea as well; made to fit the squares perfectly. We found the sheepskin rug at Ikea and it's a soft and cozy place for Paige to sit and play with her blocks and other gadgets. The blue picture frames came from Ikea as well (you can't beat the prices!) and I put some cards I'd held onto from our trips to Bar Harbor inside them. One shows the seabirds of New England and the other shows the seashells of New England. The center print is of a crab. As Paige gets older, I think it will be fun to match shells we find to the card.

detail toy corner

The shelving on the walls comes from Ikea as well. I wanted places out of Paige's current reach where I could keep things stored. If she wants something, she can point up and I'll get it for her; but for the most part I can keep toys for rotating into use later on. Not yet shown are 2 other shelves where I store art supplies and the like out of her reach but in view to remind me to let Paige play with the supplies when I can. In the future, I plan to store board games and puzzles on these shelves. As long as there are tiny kids around, having a 200 piece puzzle thrown around the floor is happily avoided when possible. ha!

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her room is so adorable! i love how intentionally everything is arranged. toy rotating is such a great idea. i need to be more thoughtful about this with my son (who is 19 months), especially with christmas coming.

your blog is so so lovely.

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