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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reading Corner

Hello friends!
I hope you have been well! We got the playroom all finished up, so I thought I'd take time through several posts to show you around. I can tell you that we've been loving it and Paige seems to love running straight in there come morning. So far so good!

Reading Corner

We first start with the reading corner. I'd heard good things about book slings and how this kind of bookshelf shows the covers instead of the spines; thus making it easier for little ones to find the book they are searching for. Paige still enjoys taking the books out, but she also likes putting them back IN (when the mood strikes of course). It's much easier to keep things neat. We chose a holder from One Step Ahead. I wanted us to have a cozy place to sit and read together (big enough for us both). I found the Cocoon Jr. here (free shipping!). It's very comfortable and is made from recycled furniture grade foam in a microfiber zippered case. The filler goes in an inner liner (with a zipper pull you take off so it's safer for little kids) and the microfiber outer liner is machine washable.
The lamp was a brass one that was given to us; so I painted it blue. The little wooden sun was a gift from my brother many years ago. I also hung two of my favorite Norman Rockwell prints over the area for ambiance. I'll show them in better detail later on.
So, there we have it! I have lots of books waiting in the wings to be rotated into the space once Paige is seeming to be bored with these. In the meantime, we are enjoying her little nook together and I find so much joy in seeing her flip through books by herself on her cushion too.


Tam said...

What a fun space! Can't wait to see a picture of her "reading" on the pillow.

caroline said...

Hi, I enjoy reading your blog and this playroom space is terrific! I wish I could do the same for my 1-year-old daughter but we live in an apartment in the city. Out of curiosity, what kind of paint and paintbrush works best for painting the brass lamp? And for painting the bookshelf? I love the idea of adding some fun color to my daughter's nursery. Oh, and we have the same One Step Ahead sling bookshelf--it's been great!

Unknown said...

Hi Caroline! I actually used spray paint! :) It's from the paint store; I think it was a Rustoleum. (sp?)
I used spray paint for both projects and just sprayed lightly and evenly until it was fully painted. Also, if you spray too closely it is likely to pool and cause drip marks, so I'd say to hold the can as per the directions and go slowly. Good luck!! Hopefully even with your space restraints you can create a little nook that is your daughter's own. Sounds like her nursery will be a great place for it!

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